Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekend + Beginning of the Week Recap

Well hello again, folks!  I'm sorry I've been M.O.B. (missing on blog) for the past few days.  This weekend was a pretty productive one and the first two days of the week were extremely busy for me.  I haven't had any time to write and haven't really been able to take a trip around blogland this week yet so I'm warming up my seat for a day full of blog visits - be ready, people.

Anyway, before I get lost in the blogosphere, here's a recap of what went down since Friday's post...

I got to thinking about my "Bucket List" on Friday night and have decided that I need to overhaul the whole thing.  I'm thinking of simplifying it more - maybe a 30 before 30 list instead?  Idk.  But after I looked over it again and saw the Read 100 books in one year goal, I promptly downloaded two new books to my Kindle:  The Fault In Our Stars and Soysauce for Beginners.  I finished the first book in 3 hours and I'm halfway through the second book (hopefully I'll have time to finish it tonight).

We were supposed to have an early start on Saturday morning to go to the Fitness Fair, but since I stayed up reading until the wee hours of the morning, we were a little behind schedule.  Fortunately, the kids slept early so it wasn't such a pain to wake them up and get them ready.  They had a blast at the Fitness Fair that day and I was even able to sign up for a gym membership!  And it was free!  I guess I can half cross that off my bucket list since it says Subscribe to a gym (and actively participate).  Now the only thing to do is find time to go there.

 Hula-hooping while trying to shoot in in the basket - that's talent!

And since we're talking fitness, I got back into it!  I re-started my Nike+ Training Program on Monday so I got a 30 minute workout done on Monday night and walked a mile last night on the path around the Paseo Stadium during Joey's game.  I was aiming for 3 miles, but the kids (mostly Chloe - the prima donna) were getting tired and wanted to go sit down and watch the game.  They lost.

Post-Workout Selfie

Things have finally calmed down at work this week so I'm thankful to be able to relax a little bit during the day.  Unfortunately, I think my body is going into shock from not having a million things to do at once because I had an anxiety episode yesterday which made me stressed out, confused, and indecisive, which ultimately made me start crying several times during the day yesterday.  I also woke up in a panic this morning because my heart was racing like crazy.  I think maybe I should go see a doctor.  Or smoke a joint.  Just kidding


  1. I really enjoyed the fault in our stars. I think I teared up at the end of the book!

    xxDenysia Yu

  2. Damn girl, you're a fast reader!!! I've been meaning to read The Fault in Our Stars... I've heard nothing but great things about it.

  3. i think i'm the only one on this planet who didn't like fault in our stars...i stopped reading halfway! it just didn't do it for me and i was pretty disappointed...i heard everyone raving about it so i was excited to read it and then i was like, sooo....when does this shit get good? and put it down :(

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  4. I haven't read The Fault in Our Stars but I know I should probably get on it before the movie comes out. And whatever helps you chill out, girl ;)

  5. We are not twins when it comes to reading...i like a good, movie:). haha.

    enter my know I dont mind spending money on you haha.

    xoxo, K.Lee


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