Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hello lovelies!  It's Monday again and the weekend is officially over.  You know what else is over??  My #icant slump!  Whoop whoop!

Thanks to all the comments from you lovely readers as well as the mood boost from my surprise flower sculpture on Valentine's Day, I was able to turn things around and had a pretty productive weekend.  I realize now that my #iknowican list was a little ambitious since I didn't really do exactly what I had planned, but here's what did happen this weekend:

- Went to a baseball game.

- Cleared up my closet.

- Had some good ol' family fun.
- Got a new dining table.

- Cleared up the kids' old stuff.

- Hung a picture.

- Recycled the box from my mirror into art. 

- Bought a new beauty product to try (and review).

- Paid some bills.

- Responded to comments/emails and cleared out my inbox.

- Took some time to relax.

And I'm sorry for the short, generic post today.  I had planned to add in photos and stuff but I've actually been busy trying to update the rest of the blog since all my other pages have been neglected for quite some time.  Be on the lookout for updates here and there (about me, bucket list, sponsor page, etc.) as I finally get the ball rolling on the new blog design.


  1. Busy weekend.

  2. Dang, girl. You were busy this weekend! Productivity will always bring me out of a funk.

  3. I feel like whatever I do, it doesnt look like i did anything because the girls messes the place up. But I do admit the trails of my coffee mugs doesnt look neat either.


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