Monday, April 14, 2014

A Helluva Week

Photo credit: Dream a Little Bigger

Sometimes even when you're trying your hardest to stay positive, things still don't work out.  That's what last week was for me.  One big, gigantic, super stressful, positive energy draining, getting on my last nerve kinda week.

Monday and Tuesday weren't so bad.  They went surprisingly well.  Wednesday was a lazy day for me.  I couldn't help but feel extremely sleepy all day.  Thursday I was off thanks to the girls' parent-teacher conferences that day so I was able to finish painting some of the living room, clean my closet, get the house straightened up a bit and I even got a chance to record the tag video that I've been procrastinating on.  It was a surprisingly good and productive day.

And then Friday came.

I have never hated a Friday as much as I hated last Friday.  It should have been an awesome day, as Fridays usually are, especially since it was a payday Friday.  But, noooooo.  It rained, everyone was being extremely grumpy, people were was like the universe was bumping everyone's attitude back to Monday!  By the time I got home that day, all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and wait for Saturday.

Saturday was a lot better.  I paid some bills, we picked up some necessities, and I was able to get a few (much needed) goodies for myself as well.  Obviously I'm a huge believer in retail therapy.

I woke up pretty early on Sunday morning, freaking out because I thought it was Monday already (can you tell that most of my Friday frustrations were work-related?).  Thankfully, with the early start, we were able to stop by the Smokin' Wheels event and watch the motocross race.  Trace absolutely loved it!  He's expecting a motocross bike for his birthday now.  Yeah, right.

I've got a lot planned for this week (hint:  review, video, a giveaway...) so I'm hoping to keep the positivity up!  Cheers to a new week!

By the way, how was your week and weekend?  Have you ever had an incredibly bad day at work?


  1. I think that everyone has their ups and downs. That's what makes us human.

  2. Yeah, I had some pretty crappy days when I was a teacher. Glad that is behind me now :)

    Retail therapy...ahhh...I haven't had that in a long time.

  3. Oooooh a video! I'm excited! I hope this week goes much better for you! ♥


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