Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alright, I confess...

...I have been going ape shit for the past two days trying to find my favorite shoes!  I had them in the car on Saturday because I had planned to change into them (even though I didn't) and they've gone missing!  I have no frikken clue where they could be.  I've checked all over the place with no luck.  WTF!!

...that sometimes Blogger can be a big fat liar.  Seriously, where the fuck is my feed?  Sometimes it shows and sometimes it doesn't.  Is this happening for anyone else or is it just me?  It really sucks when I'm trying to keep up with other blogs.  So if you get comments on several posts from me all on the same day, you know why - I'm just trying to catch up!

...I started working out again.  Kinda.  I did a mini workout Monday morning and it was okay, considering I hadn't worked out in weeks.  But then I followed it up by eating a giant portion of chicken pesto pasta that evening.    Oh, and I had a Baconator last night.  Fitness fail.

...I'm completely and absolutely in LOVE with this post about how as your body changes, so should your style.  A must-read for every woman who is heading into their 30's and 40's (myself included since I'll be turning 28 next month!) and/or has or is planning on having children!!  Reminds me of this scene from The Sweetest Thing...

...that I'm really excited for the giveaway going on right now!  I can't wait for it to be over so I can share the awesomeness that is the blog planner!  You know you want one, so what are you waiting for!  Go and enter!!

And don't forget to link up your humpday confessions with Kathy @ Vodka and Soda too!


  1. Blogger did me the same thing yesterday so its not just you! Happy Humpday chick

  2. blogger has been a whore for a while now; duplicating my comments or eating them completely! google needs to remedy that shit fast!

    i hate it when i lose shoes; esp a favorite pair. i hope you find them soon.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Blogger is doing that to me too. Lamesauce. And lost your favourite shoes? holy ape shit is how I would be acting. Hope you find them!

  4. I lost a fav pair of pink heels years ago and still to this day have no idea what happened to them! Good luck finding yours.

  5. Chicken pesto pasta totally sounds worth it...and bacon is ALWAYS worth it.

  6. Hey girl!! Oh no I cant believe there's a lost pair of shoes! :( I would be upset too lol! And I have gotten used to blogger and its shenanigans. haha! Its a love hate thing for sure. Have a great week my dear! :) xx


  7. Blogger totally fucked up my blogroll so I went to fix it and accidentally DELETED it. SO mad.

  8. I have that problem with blogger too! I started using Bloglovin' to follow my blogs and it's better but not perfect.

  9. I don't use the blogger reader as much as bloglovin'. I do notice that every once in a while, it will not show up though.

    xxDenysia Yu

  10. Blogger does the same thing to me- buttholes! And I hope you find your shoes!!

  11. Gah I haven't lost a favorite pair of shoes yet but I have lost my favorite leather jacket and my one and only burberry scarf (which was a gift and I will in no way be replacing because I find it difficult to convince myself of spending $300 on a scarf??) - But seriously, it's heartbreaking to lose any favorite accessory! Hope you find them soon xoxo!

  12. The Sweetest Thing is one of my fave movies. I never related to that scene until recently- and now I know it way too well!


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