Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April's Behind-the-Blog Recap

It's Wednesday, which is usually confession time around here, but since it's the last day of April, I thought I might do a monthly recap of some of the stuff that you may not have seen/read around here, which means I'm still getting my confessions in too.  Two ducks, one stone, right?

This month was a very productive one for the blog.  I'm really surprised at how many posts I was able to pump out and how much reader interaction was going on up in here!  A huge thank you to all of you!

1.  Though I owe the majority of this month's blogging awesomeness to my blog planner, here's some other stuff that helped me get my blogging mojo back:

//Desktop wallpaper by Cocorina.  I mean, how can you not be inspired to blog when you see this on your screen every day?

//Printable calendars by So Pupuka and Oh the Lovely Things.  I'm the kind of person that needs to have something to cross off, so these calendars help me stay on track.  I have one at work and one at home.

2.  One of the benefits of my blogging boost this month was the amount of photos I was able to take.  Usually I'm too lazy or too caught-up-in-the-moment to stop and take a picture, but this month I was able to get a few shots of some of the things we did this month:

 Ritidian Beach, Guam

 Guam's 'Smokin Wheels' Event

 Merizo Pier at night

 Practicing their egg hunting skills before the big day...

 Swinging away in Merizo

My phone was so excited about all the camera use that it got a couple shots of the inside of my pocket.

 Paparazzi fail.  Trying to sneak a picture of my dad's doppelganger at the post office.

Our spread for the Merizo Fiesta.

3.  This month was full of new beginnings for me.  The beginning of getting my blog on the track I want it to be on, the beginning of my "for real" wedding planning, and the beginning of many new friendships with new bloggers.

Today was also the beginning of my healthy-ish lifestyle after calling myself out on it yesterday.  This morning I dragged my ass out of bed, put on some tunes, and did 30 minutes of yoga.  It was just enough to energize me but I felt like pushing myself just a little bit harder before I hopped into the shower so I did this quick circuit:

By the 4th burpee I was pretty much dying but I stuck to it and finished.  (Go, me!)  And instead of drinking 4 cups of coffee and binging on sweets and fatty foods all day, I am proud to say that I only had 1 cup of coffee all day and have been drinking water after that.  My homegirl Kathy suggested a sort of schedule to keep me on track until my body (and mind) get used to it so here's my master plan, since I'm all about planning this month:

6am - Work.  It.  Out.
8am - Light breakfast/snack.
10am - No more coffee.  Water only for the rest of the day.
12pm - Lunch, but no overindulging.
2pm - Snack on almonds or apple chips.
4pm - Tea time.
6pm - Dinner.

I'm not able to stick to those 'meal plan' things.  I like the freedom to eat what I want, but this time I'll save my cravings and indulgences for dinner time and try not to OVER indulge.  Unfortunately I didn't have breakfast or lunch today because I was supposed to have a dental appointment and had errands to run, but I did munch on some almonds and though I did indulge in some yummy Doritos, I only allowed myself a small amount before closing the giant bag and shoving it back in my desk.  Uh, I believe that's a point for me!

So what are some of your favorite moments from this month?  Anything new?  How are you with your fitness habits?


  1. changing your lifestyle is hard.... but it's one step at a time. good for you for dragging yourself out of bed to do some yoga; the more you do it, the easier it'll become.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Oooh I like the idea of this pre-shower quickie! I'm going to try it tomorrow!

  3. That swing picture is a framer.

    I am slowly facing the fact that I should probably get my ass up earlier and exercise because I do not want to do it at night.

  4. i like that plan - i might steal it along with the pre shower quickie. burpies kill my life though. also, i love all of the pictures, especially the pocket + post office paparazzi lol.

  5. Hey Lovely!! Thanks so much for sharing that wall paper!! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to use it, lol!! I have it on my wallpaper and it's freakin' awesome haha! I love your photo's by the way so pretty! And I cant stick to a schedule plan, i've tried and failed llol! Talk soon, bye for now! :) XOXO


  6. That food looks so amazing & the swinging picture is really fun.

  7. Girl, you're on fire!! Glad you got your mojo back! All that food looks delicious!

  8. I've been kind of on track with my fitness routine. But every week there's one day where I can't exercise due to family stuff.

    xxDenysia Yu

  9. I love that spring wallpaper! I really need to work on my blog planning. Love the photos you've been able to take! Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun lately :) Go you on eating healthy and working out!!!

  10. I like that you aren't going to totally deprive yourself from your favorite foods. That's the best/easiest way to stick with something in my opinion!

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