Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blog Planning

I said I would focus on blogging this month and I'm keeping to my word!  Yesterday I spent most of the day scouring the internet looking for tips on how to plan, organize, and be consistent with my blogging.  Being the cheap Asian that I am, I looked up "free printable blog planners" and came up with some good options, but none to my liking.

With much hesitation, I decided to nix the "free" and finally stumbled across one that I liked and that fit my blog's needs the best.  Though my inner cheap Asian was furiously protesting (I even attempted to create my own blog planner/organizer - but that's a shit-ton of work I'm not ready to take on yet), I finally gave in and purchased this blogger planner from Mama Miss for $5.99.

Doesn't it look so awesome?  I just printed and bound everything today (as in 10 minutes ago) and I'm so excited to start jotting down post ideas, creating a blog schedule, and working on my content and design!  And though I'm not really a "planner" (I tend to do shit on-the-fly), I'm really hoping to commit myself to this and I'm VERY interested to see how planning and organizing will affect this little space of mine as far as content, readership, etc.

What do you think?  Do you think you blog better when you have a plan, or do you like to blog spontaneously?  How do you keep track of all your blog ideas, goals, and stats?


  1. I love your blog planner! It definitely looks awesome :D

  2. Wow... that planner sounds/looks AWESOME and the price is AMAZING!!!!

  3. I have a planner that I write in a month in advance what I'm going to be blogging about. And I also scribble in there what I'm planning on doing in the future. Like what I'm going to list in my shop on certain days, etc.

    xxDenysia Yu

  4. I can't wait to get mine bound!!!


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