Friday, April 25, 2014

Dammit, Whit!

Okay.  So you know how I (usually) write my #icant + #iknowican posts on Fridays?  Well after logging on, reading through some emails, reading/commenting on other blogs, etc. I started thinking about doing a "Link Love" post, or some post about blogging and motivation and all that inspiring crap.  But as I started reading this post by Whit, I was bitch slapped by #7 on her list:

7. You're going to forget who you are. That's not even a joke right there because there are days when I wake up and I'm just all "who am I? what am I doing? am I David at the dentist right now?". And then I typically do the absolute worst thing I can possibly do, which is go and read a bunch of blogs that further confuse me and make me forget who I am even more. Thus inevitably causing me to write some weird, out of character, post that ends up contradicting the majority of my other posts. Annnnd insert number four here. Doh!

I immediately stopped reading and started drafting this post.  Why?  Because I was about to lose myself and write something totally different than what I had planned!  And, okay, so maybe it is a bit "assholey", as Whit calls it, to assume you're all just dying to hear my #icant + #iknowicans for the week, but I like to think you guys least a little...about how my week has been and what I'm looking forward to over the weekend.

So for all of you who truly do care, here we go...

Monday was another big #icant day for me.  I spent my whole day on Pinterest.  Didn't respond to emails, comment on other blogs, or even think of writing a post.

#icant stand Guam's power outages.  Sometimes they're bearable and last only an hour, but sometimes (like last night) I just don't even wanna deal with it.  At least it gave us an excuse to spend the night at a hotel.

#iSTILLcant believe how much I've been eating for the past month!  Holyfuckingcrap is all I can say.  I'm trying to turn it around though.  I drank 3 glasses of water on Wednesday (which is probably more water than I've drank all month) and I switched out my afternoon coffee yesterday with a cup of tea instead.  Also looking into trying the Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea.  Anyone ever try it??

#iknowican try to be a little healthier and start training for that 5k...that I'm probably still going to walk.  I don't promise that I'll have any self control on Sunday though.  It's Merizo fiesta this weekend so I'm probably going to stuff my face.  #sorryimnotsorry

Speaking of fiesta, #iknowican get some photos in of all the food and festivities (a.k.a. jello shots) over the weekend, even if just from my phone.  You're welcome to call me out on IG over the weekend to remind me.  Hashtag, where's the pictures, yo?

#iknowican make an effort to look cute this weekend.  Last weekend I was just not feeling it and looked a hot mess.  This weekend I'll be rocking some kind of summer-y, festival-ish outfit with the kimonos, tanks, shorts and skater skirts I got recently (thanks Keena!!!).  Guam is more than a little behind on the trends so nobody really wears kimonos here yet (besides tourists) other than myself.  I'll give it another year to be a "thing" here.

So how did your week go?  Did you have a lot of #icant moments?  What are your plans for this weekend?

P.S.  Now I'm going to finish reading Whit's post!


  1. Browsing Pinterest all day sounds like a damn dream come true!

  2. what? no one is dying to read our content?? THEN WHAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF BLOGGING?! you blog what you want to blog; never mind what readers want or don't want. that's my motto :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Loved that post by Whit. So true!

  4. WOW you stay in a hotel when there's a power outage?!?! Lucky you!

  5. I'm soo off the blogging wagon. #icant even begin to think about how I'll get back into it, but #iknowican.

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