Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hey, April!

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this weekend went by way too fast!  It was a busy/crazy/chaotic weekend that left me with very little time to rest, but plenty of time to get shit done.  Here's a quick recap of what went down...

Friday was insanely exhausting for me.  I was stressed out and on the verge of an anxiety attack all day - so much so that I even sent texts to my friends asking them if they could bring Jell-O shots to the baseball game that night.  It was barely 11:00am when I texted.  That night I was able to unwind a little thanks to eight Jell-O shots and one Strawberrita.

Saturday morning was a doozy.  I woke up at 6am, got the girls up, and we started getting ready for the garage sale.  The girls had stuff in bags already so all they had to do was set it up on the tables.  I, on the other hand, just grabbed things out of the house and put them up for sale.  Basically anything I hadn't worn in the past 2 months and anything I was trying to get rid of on Poshmark was fair game.

The turnout was alright, considering we didn't really advertise.  I did post a listing on Craigslist, but that's about it.  Thankfully, there were two other garage sales happening in the neighborhood so we got some traffic from them.  I made $50 so I was pretty satisfied considering my prices were dirt cheap - sold a bundle of three designer knock-off bags for $5, a pair of brand new Roxy shoes for $2, and gave away a few items for free to some customers.

Saturday afternoon we FINALLY painted the living room!  I had originally wanted to just do plain, white walls but Joey surprised me with a completely different color: North Coast.  I was unsure about it at first, but once the paint went up, it really brightened the room.  "It's a happy color!" as Joey says, and it really is.  I literally cannot walk into the living area without having a hint of a smile on my face.  I didn't get any photos since it's not completely finished yet but I'll do a post once the living room is put back together.  But, just in case you were wondering what North Coast looks like, it's the blue in the photo.

Saturday night was our downtime.  After staying up late the previous night and waking up to an early start in the morning we were all too tired to do anything but relax.

Sunday was Joey's birthday - his 32nd, I might add - so he woke up early and played golf while the kids and I cleaned up the house a bit.  After he got home, we all got ready and had a "family day" together.  Shopping, mini-golf, and the Merizo Crab Festival were on our itinerary.

Now that March is over I feel like I finally have a little time to recoup.  April is usually a slow month for us (no birthdays, family events, etc.) so I'm hoping to dedicate most of that time to blogging - updating, redesign, posting, etc.  I'm also motivated to start sewing again and am hoping to start creating some swimwear and maybe a few kimono cardigans for this summer - once I save money to buy fabric and material, that is.

So come on, April.  Bring it on!  I'm ready.  Are you?


  1. That color is gorgeous! I have lived in my space for 5 years as of today and I STILL haven't decided on a color scheme. I'm so indecisive but I HATE white walls. Go figure! Glad you had a great, fun-filled weekend!

  2. I love that color! Our entire apartment is white and it's so BLAH. I just don't want to have to paint in and then RE-paint it white again when we're ready to leave. Pain in the ass!

  3. That is SUCH a pretty color! Yay for a calm April, mine is exactly opposite! I'm also really in the mood for some jello shots now.

  4. I went to the crab festival on Sunday too! It was SO hot and crowded, I didn't last long :-/

  5. If you want to sell some of your kimono cardigans on storenvy that would be a good place to start. I just opened up my storenvy shop. Shifted everything from Etsy to there. Haha.

    xxDenysia Yu


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