Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I confess...

...Monday was just...I couldn't.  Either my weekend was toooooooo relaxing that it carried over into Monday or it wasn't relaxing enough that I just needed more time to be lazy.  Whatever the case, I just could not work up enough fucks to give.

...I ate SO much yesterday that I wanted to throw up.  We had a luncheon for my boss's birthday and I stuffed myself full of carbs, fats, and sugar.  It was so bad, but soooooo good.  I didn't even eat dinner last night because I was still so full from lunch!  I did have a slice of cake this morning though.  I have no self control.  Obvs.  I did have a salad for lunch though - so, point for me!

...I'm going to join a 5k!  I found out that there's going to be a color run next month and I got super excited!!  I cannot wait for registration to open so I can sign up!  After seeing my BBFF have so much fun at one, I could not pass up the opportunity!  Now all I gotta do is actually start running so I don't kill myself that day.

...Speaking of killing myself, I've got soooooo much crap going on right now.  I need a new planner to keep track of all my planners - blogging, wedding, work, parties and's a bit overwhelming right now.  Mother's Day is coming up soon, and then my birthday, and then Trace's 5th birthday...yikes!

...This post has taken me wayyyyyy longer to write than I thought it would.  It just seems like the day is going by soooooo slowly and I'm dragging my ass along with it.  Damn.


  1. It was such a slow week in general! Long weekends will do that to ya. Good for you for joining a 5k! I just started wanting to run so hopefully I can do the same by the end of the year.

  2. this week is dragging for me and it's a short week!! wtf. take it easy and i hope you're able to get some R&R this weekend.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I have too much shit going on for me too. Another planner seems like a good option!

    Good luck with your 5k! Not a runner here.

    I hate when I eat so much crap that I feel gross and ill.

  4. Monday was extra horrible this week. I love your honesty about all the foods you have been eating - I am so there as well. no shame. I am so jealous of your colour run, I want to do one so bad!

  5. The Color Run is so much fun!!

  6. The Color Run is awesome and I also need a planner for my planner!

  7. WTF it's only Wednesday? Yes, this week can totally die. I've been late to work all week - don't even care. LOL @ needing a planner for your planners...I would just go big and go for the assistant to manage all the planners haha
    I've heard great things about the colour run, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!!

  8. Color runs are so much fun!!! I recently signed up for a race too...better start training for it...right after I finish eating this cookie....noms...

  9. Hahaha... I eat until I feel like I'm going to puke on the regular!!!! Then I can't wait to get hungry again so I can do it all over. :)


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