Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Kids are Pretty Fab [Review]

I like to think I'm a pretty AWESOME mother.  Perfect?  Definitely not.  But, awesome?  HELL. YES.  So of course I was ecstatic when I found out that JustFab had created an entirely new brand just for kids called - well, duh - FabKids.

Any parent will tell you:  shopping for kids these days is HARD.  With TV, the internet, and social media so readily available to us, it's only natural that our kids want to follow in our fashionable footsteps.  My girls are no exception to this.  They are two little fish just learning to swim in the big crystal fashion pond.  They're still growing into their style and are often forced to choose between what they really like vs. comfort and what's "cool" in school.

When I first heard about FabKids, I was pretty skeptical.  These online boutiques that boast a "personalized shopping experience" are usually a hit-or-miss kinda thing.  Either you love it or you don't - and even then, it's not really "personalized" because there are others who are offered the same picks as you are.

I started browsing the site, and was pleasantly surprised when the girls popped up behind me excitedly "ooh"-ing and "OMG"-ing at the outfits.  They loved the styles and variety of outfits and wanted me to order just about everything!  My absolute favorite thing is their collections - they outfits in the collection use some of the same colors and prints so it's easy for me to coordinate the girls' outfits without them being too matchy-matchy (they advised me that they're too old for that already).

Chloe in Pineapple Sweet

Aniyah in Malibu Sweetie

Okay, I've got a confession: what really sold me on FabKids was their sign-up deal!  When I first signed-up, they had a BOGO deal which meant that I got two outfits for the price of one.  Um, AWESOME!  Though I don't think that deal is still going on, they are offering new members 50% off their first outfit, which is still pretty awesome too since each outfit consists of two separate pieces.

Now, here's where my experience started to get a little frustrating.  I had placed my order on March 6th, hoping to receive it by Chloe's birthday (March 19th) because the site's shipping policy stated that it would take about 7-10 business days to get to Guam.  Wow, I thought, that's pretty awesome!  7 days passed - nothing.  10 days passed - still, nothing.  A few days later, I contacted some generic customer service rep at FabKids but all they told me was to contact FedEx.  Seriously?  Finally, after over three weeks of waiting, I decided to write a review on their shipping and delivery services because I still hadn't gotten my order.

Within days of posting that review, I was contacted by Kristin Hilton, the Communications Coordinator at  She informed me that when she saw my review, she immediately contacted FedEx (who informed her that it would take approximately 30 days for shipments to Guam and other locations outside of the continental U.S.) and she also changed the shipping policy on the FabKids website to reflect this new information.  I was also really surprised that she automatically refunded the $9 shipping fee I had paid for my order AND added some reward points to my account for the inconvenience.

Needless to say, I love this girl!  The customer service I received from her was AMAZING.  She really took the time to look into my problem and she even went so far as to research other shipping options to suggest to the company so that even customers way out in the sticks (like me) could get their orders in a timely fashion.

I finally received my order a week later, and the girls were over-the-moon in love with their outfits!  Chloe's top was actually the wrong size (we ordered a small, but got a medium) but it worked out well because she liked that it was a little bit oversized and had that slouchy look to it.  The quality of the clothing is very good, similar to GAP Kids, and the fit on all the other pieces was perfect.  Aniyah adores her skater skirt and loved that the material has a bit of weight to it so it won't fly up on windy days.

All in all, I highly recommend FabKids to everyone!  Mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts...  Even uncles can't go wrong when ordering from FabKids - it's a whole outfit so you don't have to try and match pieces together!  Seriously, it's fool-proof.

So tell me, have you heard about FabKids?  What about JustFab?  What do you think of those subscription-type companies?

And by the way, this is NOT a sponsored post.  I was not compensated in any way or form to write this.  All opinions are my own and this is a genuine review of my experience with FabKids.


  1. Your kids are fabulous! (My daughter is named Chloe too!) I had an experience with JustFab with shipping (I live stateside) but found that they were more than helpful in tracking down the package. I am glad everything went well (eventually) and you shared pics of your beautiful daughters!



  2. Kids are pretty Fab! Im glad that it was squared away for you!

    xoxo, K.Lee


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