Wednesday, April 9, 2014

That time I puked on a dinner cruise (a.k.a. Humpday Confessions)

I confess...I love Kathy.  I swear I can spend all frikken day on her blog reading and re-reading her posts.  Plus she hosts these great Humpday Confessions link-ups every week so I totes filled my blog planner with "Humpday Confessions" for every Wednesday this month.  Thanks, Kathy.

I confess...that even though I love this photo of Joey and I back in 2009, I still can't get over how I puked my brains out all over the bathroom about 30 minutes after.  I've never really been one to get seasick - I paddled for 3 years, for christ's sake - but that dinner cruise stirred up the vomit demons in me.  And just so you can get a good image of it in your head, I had eaten a salad.  Oh, also - and here's the kicker - there was only ONE toilet in the bathroom and it was occupied so I spewed all over the sink.  And counter.  And mirror.  And floor.  It was like a jar of pesto sauce exploded up in there.

I has not been a great day so far.  I think everyone just can't wait until Friday.  I even forgot about Parent-Teacher Conference at the girls' school tomorrow.  Yuck.  Don't get me wrong, I'm an active parent when it comes to my kids.  I'm just never comfortable in those situations.  And ohmygod, PTA meetings - #icant.

I confess...I really need a vacation.  Seriously.  I've been looking into travel packages for Greece, Seychelles, and Ireland.  Not like I'll be able to afford a real trip to one of those destinations any time soon - but at least I can go on vacation in my mind via Google Images.

I confess...I'm slowly getting used to my blog planning but I feel like I've hit a road block in the form of Facebook.  I don't have one.  I have a FB Page for the blog, but I don't have a personal one and it's kind of holding me back from promoting this little space here.  I don't want a personal FB again (I'm over all the nonsense and drama that goes on) but I don't know jack shit about FB Pages other than having it automatically update my posts.  HELP!


  1. Ooo sorry about the puke...I think I feel sorrier for the bathroom and the poor person who came out the stall and saw that...lovely spectrum of color lol. Congrats on the blog planning, it's something I probably need to work on...maybe when I stop procrastinating lol. Thanks for sharing! Have fun on your mental vacations ;)

  2. i hate facebook. i rarely go on it and even though people have fb pages for their blog, i never join or like it because i hate facebook! not to say that creating a page for your blog is not necessary - YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT!! - but i can't be bothered.

    and thanks so much for the blog love! makes my blog boner hard when i read things like that. :)

    thanks for linking up!!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. i feel you on the vacation, lady. sorry about the puking - been there, done that.

  4. I definitely need a vacation too! I've been drooling over Pinterest travel boards for about a week now.

  5. I don't use FB at all for my blog and honestly, I don't think it's made that much of a difference. There are so many other ways to promote yourself and your blog.

  6. I can't flippin' WAIT until my honeymoon!!! This girl needs a damn vacation asap! I keep on visiting the resort's website over and over again like a crazy person...I need sand under these feet like...right now.

  7. Facebook is a PITA - I have a profile with my blog alter ego so I can keep up with my Beachbody peeps, but my own FB with people I know in real life drives me crazy.

  8. I look at packages to Greece on the regular too! Wishful thinking!

  9. I have a facebook page for my blog...but I rarely use it and have like 13 followers for it something. I think a lot more people in blogland use twitter and instagram (which I am horrible at keeping up with those too!!!)

    Getting sick in public places is the worst!

  10. Well what do you want to do with your facebook page? You can always link it up with Twitter, and Instagram, for quicker updates so that way your readers, can see what you are up to.

    xxDenysia Yu

  11. Hahaha I don't think I'll look at pesto the same again ;) Check out TravelZoo if you're not already on there. Not sure if it works in Guam, but there are some cheap packages there!


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