Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Post About Crap

Today is a crap day.  There, I said it.

My life is far from perfect.  In fact, it's so far from perfect that it sits right on the outskirts of "Eh, not so bad".  I don't have a fancy car or a glamorous job, and I definitely don't have angelic children or a sappy-happy relationship (a point that has been proven again today) but it's my life.

Some days are great, and some days, like today, are crap.  Everyone has crap days, just like everyone takes a crap.  It's natural.  So, naturally, when you feel crappy you find a way to ease that feeling and get it out of your system.  Like a laxative.

One of my favorite ways to push crap out and feel better is through retail therapy!  But, since I'm stuck behind this desk all day (and mostly because I'm broke) I'm doing my second favorite thing: putting together a want-list!  Mother's day is coming up this weekend, so there's that too, I guess.

2014 Mothers Day Want List

1//  "Fuck It" Necklace by Bad Bad Jewelry

2//  Black Straw Fedora from Forever21

3//  Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea

4//  Cream-colored Crossbody from Forever21

5//  Extra Long Barrel Curls Styling Kit by Curlformers

6//  Posh Hooded Sandals from Forever21

7//  Pink Blazer from Forever21

8//  Peixoto Totoro Bustier Swim Top at NastyGal (and would it be too much to ask for that body too?)

Okay, so maybe my want-list is a little excessive.  I mean, I only have 3 kids and I'm the one paying their allowance...but still.  Maybe I'll just gift myself one of these things for Mother's Day and deduct it from their allowance.  I mean, none of these things are over $100 so they'd only have to work for free for a month, right?  No?

So, what do you think of my want-list?  What's your laxative for a crappy day?


  1. I wish my mum would give me a mother's day want list good lord its hard to shop for mums!!!

  2. That necklace!!!! It is a combination of pretty and angry. I love it!

  3. I really like the fuck off necklace! It's so freaking amazing! :)

    xxDenysia Yu


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