Monday, May 5, 2014


Welcome to the first post of the month!  I was sick last week so trying to come up with posts was a little too much for me to handle, especially since I was coming up with quite a bit already...out of both ends.  On the bright side, I did lose 4 pounds.  #stomachfludiet

Also, being true to my word, I finally spruced up the blog a little bit so it's not like I was ignoring the blog completely.  It's still considered blogging..ish, right?  Stomach flu got the best of me, though, so I'm not finished with the re-design.  Still have some coding kinks to get out, gotta design my sidebar headers, create a new button, and add my gorgeous face and an intro.  Then, of course, comes the tedious task of updating my "About" page, sponsor page, bucket list, etc.

This blog is a work-in-progress right now (obvs) so please just bear with me.  I'm no design expert (like, at all) so any tips, tricks, or suggestions you all may have are greatly appreciated!  (In other words, does anyone know how to get rid of those spaces there in my sidebar menu?  If you notice, the sliced image cuts off parts of the letters and I don't know how to connect the whole thing to make it look seamless.)

So, what do you think?  Do you like the look so far?  What resources do you use for blog design?

Note to self:  Create another signature image.


  1. I love the new layout! It's fresh, and pretty! :) I have a ton of resources for blog templates. I googled: how to get rid of spacing inbetween pictures. And a lot of CSS coding came up. Hope that helps.

    xxDenysia Yu

  2. I love it! Looks great. I taught myself quite a few tricks in the design game also! Its so light anf fresh and airy. And I love the colours!

  3. the new layout is so fetch ;) seriously, pretty. also, i laughed far too hard- sorry you were sick, but yay for losing 4 lbs? joking ;) have a great week.

  4. i love it! it's clean and i love the colors.

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Love the design! Annnd I'm really jealous of your flu diet- can we just talk about why I crave TACO FREAKING BELL when I have the flu??

  6. Love the new design and layout!


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