Monday, May 12, 2014

I took it as a sign...

This weekend did NOT go as planned.  But when life gives you figure out which alcohol goes best with lemons (hint: Tequila) and deal with it.

Remember that 5k we were supposed to do?  Yup, didn't happen.  Our car decided to crap out on us and we didn't have transportation until that afternoon.  Fucking fantastic.  I took it as a sign that the universe agreed that I was not ready to take on that challenge.

So, even though we were stuck at home for the better half of the day, I was still able to work up a sweat by cleaning.  And when we finally were able to leave the house, we took a drive to the mall and I treated myself to a few things.

Sunday morning we got an early start.  All I wanted was to go somewhere for coffee and a quick breakfast before spending all day at the water park.  We decided on Denny's, and even though it was pretty packed, we were still seated quickly which I was thankful for because I was starving.  Unfortunately, we sat there and waited for a while, watching everyone who was seated after us get served their drinks and have their orders taken.  I took it as a sign that we should have just had cereal for breakfast, and we walked out.

By the time we left, it was already around 10am so we just headed straight to the water park.  And since people were still probably waiting in line to have their brunch, the place was pretty empty so we got a whole row of lounge chairs right next to the pool.  Plus, the park just opened so the food at the snack bar was fresh and quick!  Hot wings, burritos, corn dogs, churros, and shaved ice was our Mother's Day feast.

After the water park we headed down for a visit with Joey's parents and then went to Kmart to grab a few necessities.  I had just wanted to run in and get a brush and a refill for the plug-in.  Yeah, right.  We ended up staying there for about an hour because Joey gave in to the kids' request for a toy - I was irritated because they had each just gotten a toy the day before and spending money on toys that they'll break in 3 days is not something that I like to do.  Ever.  Thennnnnnnn the power went out.  I took it as a sign that we should have just went straight home instead.

Finally, we went home and I was able to relax a little.  We tidied up the house a bit, got the girls ready for school the next day, and set up the standing fan that we bough to cool the house down a bit.  After the kids had settled down from being out all day, Joey suggested that I go and treat myself to something.  Of course, I jumped at the chance.

When I got to the store, I was underwhelmed.  And, since the last time I went shopping on a Sunday evening was during the holidays (with holiday hours), I wasn't able to take my time and find something I really liked because they were already starting to close within 10 minutes of me walking in.  I took it as a sign that I should just save my money for something I really wanted.

I was starving by that time so I stopped at McDonald's on my way home.  Even though it was already 9:30pm, I ordered a chocolate chip frappe anyway since I hadn't gotten my coffee fix at all that day and that's all I wanted to begin with.

The kids were just about ready for bed by the time I got home so I was able to sit down, watch TV, and eat in peace.  It had been a few weeks since I'd had McDonald's so I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into that super greasy meal.  I took a sip of my frappe and put two fries in my mouth only to be stunned with a throbbing toothache.  I had just gone to the dentist two weeks ago and I didn't even chew on the side that was hurting.  I took it as a sign that I should just take some Tylenol, go to bed, and try again next weekend.

What about you?  How was your weekend?  Did you notice any signs?  Do you need some tequila?


  1. I always notice signs. I probably could use some tequila. It sounded like you had a very eventful weekend.

  2. I hope next weekend is better for you!

  3. Man! I hope you have a better upcoming weekend! But I seriously could have used some tequila during the flight from Barbados on awful!! Cheers to a better weekend!

  4. Sorry to hear that, girl. At least I got a great read out of your weekend. It was a sign :) Cheers and better luck next time.


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