Friday, May 9, 2014

#icant + #iknowican

Wow, this week really went by pretty quickly!  I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sooooo ready for the weekend!

#icant stand this heat!  Holy frikken hell!  Every time I step out of my office I feel like I'm melting!  Plus, since we turn of the AC's in the morning to save on electricity, the house is like a sauna when we come home from work!  I'm seriously looking into splurging on some split AC units to cool the house quicker and save on electricity bills in the long run!

#icant seem to get myself to purchase the TinyTeatox I've been talking about.  I want it, like realllly bad, but $55 for a box of tea is pretty frikken ridiculous if you ask me.  I'd rather buy a steak and lobster dinner with that money!  However, if you'd like to gift me that tea for my birthday (which is coming up on the 29th) I would really love you for it.  And so will my body.

#icant believe it's almost been a year since our trip to California!  I want to go back sooooo bad!  Even Joey and the kids are itching for another trip out there...too bad I'm working now and have no time for vacation anymore.  Boo.  Maybe we can go again next year...Keena, save us a spot on your couch!

#iknowican finish the 5k tomorrow!  I'm so excited because it will be my very first one and we're all doing it as a family.  I'm sure I won't run the whole thing but I'll try to alternate running and walking at least.  It's also one of those runs where they throw the colored powder at you so we're all pretty stoked about it.  Let's hope that we don't accidentally sleep in tomorrow!

#iknowican cross some things off my to-do list.  Right now I've got:  clean room (that's on my list permanently), continue with blog re-design, pick out tiles for the kitchen, brainstorm some post ideas, try out this recipe, take more photos, finish painting the living and dining rooms...ugh!  Okay, I'm getting tired just thinking about it...

#iknowican have a kick-ass Mother's Day weekend with my minis!  I'm not into the whole brunch thing, so maybe a day at the beach or water park instead?  One of my favorite ones is Onward because the bar is right next to the kiddie pool. #winning


  1. Ahhh Have fun at your 5k tomorrow! You can do it!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, and have an awesome time at your color run!!

  3. Good luck ok your 5K! Get it guuuuurrrll! :D

  4. Hear me...listen to will kick ass at tomorrow's 5K! You will rock the ultimate party and more!
    no grab a margarita and enjoy Mama's day!

    Andie's Traveling Pants


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