Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Pretty Process

I really didn't have a post for today.  Wait, no.  I did have a post idea planned for today but I was just kinda lazy.  Drafting, editing and adding photos, whoring my post on social media...it all seemed like just too much work for today.

And since I had a little time last night to design the sub-headers, I decided to just take the day off from writing an actual post (even though we're already two paragraphs in so it's kinda considered a post) and work on the blog's design again.  I'll probably be working on it for another week or so because I've still got a long list of things to do.

For all you newbie bloggers, let me be the first to tell you: prettying up your blog is not easy.  Blog/web/graphic design in general is not easy, and whoever says it is...well they're probably a) a professional who has been doing this shit for years and years or b) a big fat liar.

Your blog design is one of the most important things about your blog.  You know the saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover"?  Well, that's not always how it works on the internet.  Sometimes it doesn't even matter that you're funny and witty, and post epic shit all day errday.  People will still judge you by the way your blog looks.

Now, if you got the money, then you can go right ahead and hire someone to design your blog for you.  Depending on what you want (services/customization/installation/etc.), blog design can run you upwards of $600.  But, if you're a cheap-ass like me, and there is no way in hell you're going to pay that much for something you can't even eat, you're gonna try to do-it-yourself.  Before you read further, please go back and re-read the third paragraph.

If you're still sure you want to design your blog ALL.  BY.  YOURSELF., grab yourself a bottle of wine/vodka/beer/etc. because you're in for a long, hard ride.  Here's a quick list of things you'll need to do:

1.  Find your blog-spiration.
2.  Figure out your theme/colors/fonts.
3.  Create your logo/header image(s).
4.  Brush-up on coding and html.
5.  Put everything together.
6.  Work out the kinks.

Whoa, wait a minute there!  Did you think that was all?  Read the fine print:  each step will probably need to be repeated 1561683118 times.  I'm not gonna go into detail on the entire process right now, but just know that it will take a lot of patience to get your blog looking the way you want it to.  There are a lot of free resources out there for you to use, you just have to know where to look.

I'm no expert, but I am willing to answer any questions you might have about attempting to DIY your blog design.  So, are you up for the challenge?  Would you rather pay someone else to do it for you?  You wanna see what resources I use (and how I got them free)?


  1. Your blog looks great and very professional!! Love it!

  2. I love your new main pic! You're right... doing your own blog is a huge pain in the ass. I seriously was ready to pull my hair out a few times doing mine. Never. Again.

  3. I would be VERY interested in the free resources you use! I've been trying to work on my blog design as well. I thought I was getting the hang of it a while ago... then I gave up and tried to get someone else to do it. Now I'm back to DIYing but have forgotten all that I taught myself before. Quite a frustrating process! Your design seems to be coming along wonderfully though :)

  4. the design is looking great! i originally tried to do my own blog design but then i got too frustrated and lazy and paid someone to do it.

  5. I love your blog! It looks so beautiful! Thanks for commented on my previous post, i appreciate it so much :)


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