Monday, June 2, 2014

Even though I didn't get cake...

Whew!  What a weekend!  First off, thank you to all of you for your birthday wishes!  It really means the world to me that I have such wonderful blogger friends (we are friends, aren't we?) out there who understand my need to be a birthday brat!  Lol.  My birthday weekend was absolutely amazeballs!

I left work a little early Thursday (it was my birthday and I wasn't doing much anyway) and went home to relax and unwind for a bit.  When Joey came home he surprised me with this bad-ass birthday present:

Like I've mentioned before, we're not really gift-givers.  We basically just go out to dinner and that's about it.  No presents or celebrations for Joey and I.  We usually would rather spend our money on more practical things.  But, we've been in need of a truck for some time now (for hauling things, taking Kaos to the beach, etc.) and our car needs to be repaired so this was actually a pretty practical gift.  Plus, Joey also added that this gift "makes up for all the other years that I didn't get you anything" so now I can't really complain that he never got me anything before.  Lol.

And to my ultimate surprise, he actually planned a little surprise get-together with a couple of our friends that night too.  Nothing fancy, just a little BBQ, but the fact that he planned everything (I was just thinking we'd stay home and watch a movie on Netflix) AND surprised me with it was so amazing.  And because our friends are awesome and know me so well, they got me a box of chocolate and a bottle of Hpnotiq - which I drank half of that night.  I even got a card:

Friday morning was Aniyah's promotional ceremony so despite our late night, we all had to get up early, get dressed, and get going.  This was her last year in elementary school and she'll be starting middle school soon!  The ceremony was beautiful and I may have shed a few tears - that I tried to play off so as not to embarrass her.  The committee went above and beyond our expectations and held the ceremony off-campus in an air conditioned gym.  There was even a reception afterwards that was catered!  A/C + food = awesome.

We relaxed the rest of the day (I was off from work) and celebrated that evening with our family at V.I.P. House in Tumon for dinner.  V.I.P. is a Chinese restaurant and they have a nightly buffet service as well as their traditional menu.  The buffet is very affordable (about $18 per adult) and very tasty, compared to other buffet dinners at some hotels here on Guam which are priced at $25+ and can be pretty bland.

Saturday was spent out and about.  We had a birthday party to attend during the day and Aniyah had a sleepover party that she attended Saturday evening, so after dropping her off, we went home and turned in early that night.  Sunday was a full day of cleaning so we were thankful for the extra sleep we had during the night.  I didn't wake up early enough to have a garage sale, but I did take more things out of my closet that I wanted to get rid of so it cleared up some space in there.

I already know that this week will be pretty crazy.  Trace's 5th birthday is on Thursday, June 5th, and we'll be celebrating it on Saturday, June 7th with a "water war".  He's really excited about it so I've been hustling trying to get everything prepared and ready for that day.  I whipped up some invitations and a pennant banner that will go over his cake table, but I've still got to design the rest of the signs and stickers for the favors, party stations, etc. as well as get the cake, menu, snack bar, decorations...ugh.  Thank goodness this will be the last party I'll be planning for a while.

Cheers to the busy week ahead.  I need a drink to prepare myself for it.  What about you?  What was your weekend like?  What's on your plate this week?


  1. I mean ... who needs cake when you get a freaking truck for your birthday. haha Joey did well. Joey did very well. Also congrats to your daughter and lovely family pics!!

  2. Holy busy! Holy truck envy! Good on your man for all the planning. :)

  3. No cake but a truck? I'd say I'd be ok with that trade-off....well as long as I get cake sometime in the next week..cupcake even lol Glad you had a great birthday weekend girl :D

  4. No cake but a truck? I'd say I'd be ok with that trade-off....well as long as I get cake sometime in the next week..cupcake even lol Glad you had a great birthday weekend girl :D

  5. id say thats a pretty good trade off! but now i want cake. lol

  6. oh how fun! it sounds like you had an incredible birthday! I totally feel you on the party planning stress -- we just threw my dad a surprise party + that's definitely going to be my last one for a while!

  7. cake who cares about cake hello truck LOL :)

  8. I am pretty sure that truck trumps some cake. Says the person who doesn't like cake. But a cookie we gotta talk! Haha! I love that he planned something little for you too! So sweet!

  9. Ummmmmmmm yeah I think I'd rather have that over cake as well ;-)

  10. Wow, you got a truck! That sounds like a pretty good present! :)

    xxDenysia Yu


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