Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday [Random] Thoughts: Turn Down for What

I was pleasantly surprised to see that my follower count didn't go down this morning after my confessions yesterday.  In fact, it actually went up a couple digits, so thanks for having my back, guys!

This week has been a super busy and productive one and I cannot wait for it to be over!  I only got a couple hours of sleep last night because the kids took a nap yesterday (they never take naps) and ended up staying awake until about 3am, so today my brain and my energy are basically like pudding right now.  That being said, today's thoughts are just random little snippets of things I've been thinking of since yesterday.  Enjoy.

There's nothing like a new bed set to make you realize how messy the rest of your room is.

Speaking of bed sets, that would be a perfect Mother's Day gift.  A fresh, clean, brand new bed set with sheets and fluffy pillows to sleep in all day.

Who in their right mind would drink decaf coffee?  What's the point?

Creating "wishlists" doesn't help if I end up forgetting about them and buy a bunch of random shit instead.

If I have new "workout gear" then I'll actually start to workout so I blame my lack of fitness motivation on Fabletics.  Hurry up and deliver my stuff already!

I totally used my work email to sign up on Fabletics again the other day just to get the free pair of pants.  I should have at least waited until I got my first order before placing a second one.  If it doesn't fit...shit.

How did we not have a streaming blu-ray player before?  Netflix is so much better on a 51" TV screen than on a 15" computer one.

I don't own a Kate Spade anything, but I ordered some goodies for my BBFF Keena because she loves it and she sends me goodies all the time.  She's also totally fucking amazing.  Major girl crush.

And Keena's bed set is AWESOME.  Not that I've slept in it.  But I saw how cute it was on her IG.

That huge zit on my ass is finally going away.  Now I can sit normally again.  TMI?

We have no plans this weekend and I couldn't be happier.  Sleeping in as long as I can.

Thanks to Kai, I've been saying "Do you, boo" to myself for the past two days.  And yes, I totally said it in my head about sleeping in as long as I can this weekend.

Do you, boo.


  1. haha new stuff always gets me to do things. I bought new bowls to pack lunch and that encourages me to cook. Same with workout clothes for me! Also decaf coffee should really not be a thing!

  2. Hey, being able to sit normally is VERY GOOD NEWS. I'm happy for you.

  3. Honesty about butt pimples! It just does not get anymore real then that! Hey, we all get them! I've looked at fabletics but never tried it..The addiction could kill my bank account.

  4. Do you, boo is absolutely going to be my motto this weekend! After planning that huge surprise party I. Am. Spent.

  5. I love getting new workout stuff. It's always easier to go to the gym if you look cute! :)

    <3, Pamela

  6. um but seriously how cute are those fabletics clothes? i dont get it, $25 for a whole outfit? sign me up, even though i have way too many workout clothes as is. if only i could be guaranteed to get kate hudson's body by buying some!

  7. I don't understand decaf coffee either! give me the real stuff or give me death.

  8. Ha do you boo.. I love that!
    Some how or another we have managed to be kid free every weekend this summer and instead of sleeping in Im partying and staying up 36 hours at a time WTF is wrong with me... SLEEEEP I need to sleep!

  9. I need some new work out gear! I need to check them out! Nothing gets you quite excited like putting on a brand new outfit :)

    Sometimes, the weekend with no plans ends up being the best weekend!

  10. hahah YASSSSS! do you, boo! also... glad im not the only one who gets ass zits.

  11. Thank you for the shout out, boo! decluttering your life just makes you feel unwind and some what sane. i am creating a small oasis in my room right now...its just a place for me to have me time...because the rest of the house is a complete mess made by my little divas...Barbie Overload I swear!! Cant wait till i get my lil package!! XOXO.



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