Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Down to the 11th hour...

...holy freaking crap, it's almost linkup time (11 more minutes) and I'm just now writing this post.

...I cut off about a foot of hair on Monday and still haven't taken a photo of it yet.  I don't know wtf I'm waiting for.

...I was supposed to start working out on Monday because I got my cute outfit and shoes last week, but Monday came and went, and then so did Tuesday without an ounce of effort.  I did get a 30 minute yoga sesh (do we still say "sesh") in this morning though.  Yay me!

...I did not wear my cute Fabletics outfit to do yoga this morning.  I did not wear anything to do yoga this morning.  Yep.

...Joey and I had a fun dinner last night at Denny's.  We were both tired and had a rough day so we just wanted to eat and go home to sleep.  To our amusement, a young couple (like late teen, barely 20s we think) came and sat in the booth behind us and gave us some rather entertaining conversation.  We tried not to eavesdrop, but they were so loud it was hard not to.  We laughed all night and barely even had to say a word to each other.  Here's a snippet of the couple's conversation (and my thoughts):

Guy:  When I'm 24, you'll be... (he literally paused while trying to do the math in his head)
Girl:  Ohmigod, 24?  That's like mid-life crisis!  (wtf?!  seriously??)
Guy:  Yeah, I've already had several mid-life crisises.  (yes, he said "crisis-es")
Girl:  Really?  Ohmigod, why?  (ohmigod, shoot me)
Guy:  I was morbidly depressed in high school.  (you've really got to be shitting me right now)

...I still enjoy the thrill of getting a 5-finger-discount from time-to-time.  I may or may not have acquired a couple new lipsticks this week because of this.


  1. OMG! You cut your hair??!! I cannot wait to see it! I've had short hair for the last couple of months. Before it was always super long, and I decided that this summer would be the summer in which my hair is nice and short. :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  2. Lmfao I always end up laughing when young adults are seated near me they are super lound and think that life is so hard.. I often want to walk over and tell them - This is not a life problem, your parents still pay your bills, you probably have no debt and you don't even know the price of petrol/gas enjoy your ignorant bliss... lol

  3. Naked yoga? Is that a new kind of class? You daredevil, you. I don't know if my body could handle that, certain parts of my anatomy would get in the way I think lol

  4. YOUTHS!!! it's hilarious how different they think....i remember when i was a youth, i thought 30 was wayyyy old. now i think 30 is wayyyy young!!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  5. I NEED to see your hair! Like yesterday! Yoga counts as a workout. I can't do yoga to save my life. Ever!

  6. haha listening to convos of teens might be the best thing ever!!! lol

    Also we need to see your hair girl!!

  7. Hahahaha I love eavesdropping and people watching thats bad but sorry not sorry.
    Yoga totally counts and you did it nude it double counts HA!

  8. Haha. You crack me up! I work out in my bra and underwear or in my cheeky bikinis bottoms...BUT Naked Yoga...hawt. I would so do that if it weren't for gravity hating my boobs and I got to protect my vajayjay from too much exposure...:) haha.

    Have a great day, babe!!


  9. You are hilarious! Ha ha!! And congrats on the newly acquired lipsticks ;-) I always love reading your posts. Yes, we want to see the hair please :)

  10. I was supposed to start my diet Monday too! But then with Monday came pizza, wine, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so....

  11. Ooo can't wait to see the new hair! This week is actually THE week I'm not actually all talk when I say that I'm going to hop on board and lose 10lbs by kicking my ass at the gym and depriving myself of all the yummy things. Amazing what gaining an extra few pounds in a couple days will motivate you to do lol.

  12. I have lost all the courage to chop off all my hair, so mad props to you girl! I bet it looks killer!

  13. You need to share photos of your hair! That conversation was pretty hilarious, but really though they sounded smart ;D

  14. I blame you for why my makeup is so expensive ;)

    I would have definitely eavesdropped on those kids too- love people watching, especially ridiculous people watching.

  15. Haha sometimes the most entertaining thing ever is listening to ridiculous people talking back and forth haha!

    I always laugh at that part of Forgetting Sarah Marshall where they are doing yoga!

  16. naked yoga! picture of your hair stat please.

  17. I can't wait to see your haircut. I have never tried Naked Yoga before. I remember being younger and actually wanting to be older. But, I probably thought 30 was old back then. Now, I am almost 30 and I know it is not old.


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