Monday, July 7, 2014

Rain rain, go away.

This weekend was fun fun fun!  Sorry for not posting my #icants + #iknowicans on Friday, but you should know by now that if it's a weekend or a holiday, there probably won't be a post up around here.  A day off from work also means a day off from blogging.  #sorrynotsorry

There's been a tropical storm in the area that had passed by over the weekend so the weather kinda sucked.  It was windy (up to 50mph), cloudy, and it rained on and off throughout the whole weekend, but that didn't stop us from having fun.  Because the beaches were dirty from all the runoff, we ended up going to the Tarza Waterpark instead.  It was pretty much empty (again, tropical storm warning) so we got to relax and enjoy it a bit more since there were no lines or crowds.

Saturday was one of the first days in a long time that the kids and I had a day to ourselves.  Whenever Joey goes golfing, the kids and I spend the day eating, shopping, and/or exploring places we wouldn't otherwise go to if Joey were with us.  He's a very picky eater so we really enjoy those days since we get to eat at restaurants he doesn't really prefer, like our favorite sushi place: Sushi Rock.

Sunday was mostly spent cleaning.  I finally got a separate clothes rack to hang all the rest of my stuff and spent most of Sunday going through mountains of clothes.  I'm not completely finished (I kind of ran out of hangers) but I still made major progress - I can see the couch now! - so I'm excited to get it all put away and organized so I can get started on everything else (jewelry, hats, makeup, etc.).  Yup, hoarder problems.

Last night, Joey and I had a much-needed date night.  We ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, where we first met, and grabbed some ice cream afterwards at Haagen-Dazs in the Plaza.  Honestly, it was the first time we'd ever eaten at Hard Rock Cafe, and the first time we'd ever been there after meeting 8 years ago.  Crazy, right?  It wasn't an extravagant date, but we enjoyed ourselves.  Especially since the servers pull some of the customers up to dance every so often.

Oh, and because I haven't posted it on the blog yet, here's a photo of my hurr' cut and today's #ootd.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. That sushi looks so great! I love sushi though so pretty much all sushi looks great. And finally a pic of your hair. You are working it and that outfit!

  2. what a fun weekend - meanwhile that sushi has me drooling haha but like Kay I love Sushi so any picture of it makes me want it. Love the new hair cut and hot damn that outfit is amazeballs.

  3. I would totally go to a water park during a watch if it were open. No lines are the best way to go! How is your workout regimen going?

  4. Hey girl!! I know, the weather was absolutely bonkers on the 4th! I was getting a little concerned myself, but lucking it was gone by Saturday!! Love the ootd too!! Very pretty!! ;D XO


  5. Great blog!!

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  6. Glad you had a fun date night! It rained here for a bit over the weekend too- darn tropical storm!

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun :) And a lovely date night indeed. You look beautiful. Love the hurrr.

  8. I love Sushi! it looks delicious. I love your new haircut! It sounds like you had a great date night.

  9. looks like a fun filled weekend! loving the ootd and hair looks awesome!!



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