Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Regrouping

So I completely missed yesterday's confessions because, well this happened.  Tropical Storm Halong came through and put up quite a fight.  Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as we thought.  The electricity didn't go out for the most part (some parts of the island did lose power for a short period of time) and nobody was reported to be seriously or fatally injured.  The biggest issue Guam had was the flooding.

Our house wasn't damaged at all, but my in-laws' house (where my children are spending their summer) got flooded early yesterday morning.

Photo credit: Guam PDN

Two storms have passed by in just this month and it's been pretty crazy.  Tomorrow is August (can you believe it?) and we're hoping that the sun will come out again.  We're all in serious need of some sunshine and salt water therapy.

Now that it's the end of July, I've started to realize how behind I've gotten on everything in the last two months.  My blog planner got drenched so I had to chuck it and I hadn't even used it since May.  I started to create my own planner from scratch but had to hold off on finishing that because of work craziness.  Even my work space is piled with files and papers that I haven't had time to organize because of how busy we've been lately.  The house needs a serious cleaning overhaul, I've got to update all the stats and pages on the blog, and I still haven't been able to get rid of the crap we've been meaning to sell.

I've decided that this weekend (and maybe for the whole first week of August) I'll be doing some catch-up.  Blog maintenance, planning, cleaning, reorganizing, etc.  The floods of June and July have washed me out and I need to regroup.

What about you?  Feeling overwhelmed lately?  Need to relax and get shit back in order for fall?  Ever experience some crazy storms? 

P.S. The July giveaway winner is:  Stina!  Go on and congratulate her!


  1. Good luck in your regrouping. Hopefully some sun will be shining in your life (literally) very soon!

  2. oh my goodness! thats so terrible, thank goodness everyone is ok. hope things calm down soon!

  3. AWWWW! Thanks girl! I am so honored to have won and feel even more special since you called me by the same nickname my grandma uses! ;) I am pretty overwhelmed as well with everything that I need to catch up on. I just keep trying to enjoy the summer. I am glad you are alright with the tropical storms that have happened. I just wish we lived closer so I could help you!

  4. Crazy storms suck. Hope your parents & their things are alright. And your kids and their stuff too. I've only experienced a handful of storms while living in Taiwan. It closed down work in the morning but in the afternoon, we were at the KTVs enjoying the day off (though we had to take a vacation day anyways, grrr). And yes, June and July have seemed to fly away with nothing blogwise to show. Oh well. My real life has been good though. Crazy but good.

  5. I am so sorry girl... glad you are safe though!
    The next couple of months is probably going to take a toll on my I am going to need some serious regrouping tips!
    Congrats Booo BOo Christina!

  6. Sorry to hear about your parents' house and glad everyone is OK. It is crazy how such disasters can happen! I just saw a caption for another one of your other blogs that I am going to check out too :)

  7. Oh my!! I'm glad everyone seems to be okay though!

  8. Gosh! Glad you guys are ok. That sucks about your in-laws!

    Why does this summer seem more hectic than most? I thought summer was supposed to be chill and laid back? Not so much this year....

  9. Glad you guys are ok! I hate hurricanes and hurricane season ... Ugh. Thank goodness it wasnt worse!

  10. I feel you. I need to prepare my life for the crazy Fall ahead. Glad to see that everyone is okay and you are staying safe!


  11. I'm glad everyone is okay although the flooding is a pain I am sure. Hope that was the last of it!!


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