Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Tips: On Being Overwhelmed

There are some days where you just can't.  Can't get yourself to focus, can't find inspiration, can't even think about blogging because of all the other stuff going on...and that's okay.  Not everyone can pump out posts every single day of every single week.  Even Beyonce has days where she says, "Fuck this shit."

So if you need a day off, take it.  The world won't fall apart if you do.  Relax, find your focus, and do you, boo.

I'd write more but, you know.  Fuck this shit.  For now.


  1. exactly!
    sometimes i feel guilty about taking a day off. i don't supposed to feel that way.

  2. best. advice. ever! I totally agree!!!

  3. I feel like that right now. I might just take a little break in august. I tried to last year, but there was a post that needed to go up during my hiatus.

    xxDenysia Yu


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