Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Tips: Stay Gold, Ponyboy

With everyone and their mamas in the blog world nowadays, it's nearly impossible to create content that is truly original.  There are lots of people on the internet who write about the same topics you do, review the same products you have, and wear the same outfits you've worn.  Sorry, but that's a given.  So the question is, how do you, a little fish in the big blog ocean, become a shark?  Or, better yet, a narwhal?

Chances are, you're not a skinny-mini fashion editor for Vogue with all the best fashion tips and behind-the-scenes scoops.  You probably don't have someone to follow you around all the time, taking professional photos of your brand-name outfits.  And most likely, you don't get to go on fancy vacations, can't afford to eat at fancy restaurants, or have the supplies or know-how to do some super cool DIY project that will be pinned to 1898239749275 boards by tomorrow.

It's cool, bro.

Here's my advice:  Fake it till you make it.

In the blog world, it's all about what you put out.  Now, I'm not saying to pretend you're all high and mighty with your perfect house and perfect life and Etsy err'thang when in fact you live in the basement of your mother's house and all those vintage items are just her hand-me-downs.  That's just straight-up bullshit.

What I am saying is: be yourself...but better.  You know that quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world"?  Kinda like that.  If you're completely honest with yourself and your readers, people will take notice and appreciate you more for it.  Your choice is whether to look at things negatively or whether to own it.  You can say, "I live in my parents basement" shamefully and do nothing but cry about it, or you can start posting about ways you're working to better yourself and to GTFO of there.

My point is, you don't have to have money or fancy shit or a pretty face and a small waist to make your blog awesome - you just need to figure out how to make it work for you.  You want to be a fashion blogger but don't have someone to take photos of you?  Use the timer setting on your camera or phone.  You're stuck in your hum-drum town this summer instead of being on vacation?  Be a tourist in your own town and show everyone how beautiful it is.

And remember: don't do what everyone else is doing just because they're doing it.  Do it because it's something you want to do and something you would probably have done even if it weren't the latest craze.  And if you are going to do something that's already been done, at least put your own spin on it.  If everyone were jumping off the empire state building, would you jump too?  Or, would you try to fly instead?

Oh, and if you need a proof that it doesn't take a fashion editor with professional photographs to be an amazing fashion blogger, check out Noha at Fashion In My Eyes.  She is a stay-at-home mom and she takes most of her outfit photos all.  by.  HERSELF.  Yup,  Mind.  Blown.


  1. couldn't agree more. blogging is an expression of YOU, not of what others are doing.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. So agree with this! I think you run into problems really quickly when you try to be who you are not on the blog! Also I clicked over to that fashion blog ... she takes those pics herself? Wow

  3. what a fabulous post my dear. its easy to feel suffocated and 'whats the point' sometimes with blogging when there is always someone better out there. off to stalk that fashion blogger now ;)

  4. I love that! BE the change! Girl, you have so much knowledge in your brain! I frikken love it!

  5. Absolutely awesome post, my friend. Well said.

  6. Hey girl, such great tips!! Being genuine is always key!! :D XO


  7. haha...its like our convo the other day:). thanks for this!!



  8. I couldn't agree more with this! I just said "fake it til you make it" the other night to my cousin ha ha. Love this post :D


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