Friday, August 29, 2014

Hold Up, Weight a Minute - Ozeri Weight Master Scale Review

Confessions were two days ago, but I've got another one for you:  Before this month, I'd never owned a scale.  Tracking my fitness/weight loss cycles consisted of just what I saw in the mirror and it wasn't accurate or very motivating at all.

When I was given the opportunity to review a digital scale, I was really excited to try it out.  From not even owning a basic scale to being able to score a glass top digital scale?  Hells to the yeah.

Once I finally received it I couldn't wait to set it up and try it out.  My whole family was really surprised and excited about it because everyone wanted to weigh themselves.  Yeah, we're that easily entertained.

The scale itself is gorgeous.  It's got a glass surface and is surprisingly sturdy seeing as how all 5 of us (the three kids, Joey, and I) have been using it for the past month and it hasn't broken yet.

I think my favorite part about it is the personalization options.  You can set up to 5 users (which is just perfect for us) by stepping on and weighing yourself and inputting your height.  By adding your height, the scale is able to calculate your BMI with your current weight.  Also, once you've added yourself as a user, the next time you weigh yourself, the scale will automatically which user you are and will also tell you the difference in your weight from your previous reading and will highlight the screen in red or green depending on if you gained (red) or lost (green) any weight.  No more having to write down or remember how much you weighed the last time and doing the math in your head.  #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Pretty, right?

Height: 5'1.8", BMI: 22.4, User: 1

 Current weight: 121.6lbs, Gain of 0.8lbs from last weigh in.  Crap.

So what about you?  How do you track your fitness results and weight loss?  Got any tips to share?  And is the "give or take 5 lbs." rule true when it comes to weighing yourself?

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  1. I have a scale but I only try to use it once a week because I have a slightly obsessive personality haha but I think it's a good thing to check in and knowing your BMI is probably more helpful even than the pounds.

  2. I have a scale very similar to this but it does not have the red/green differentiation when weight goes up or down. I really like that. It's unique :)

  3. That scale is the business. I need one in my life. I typically fluctuate within the same 5 lbs one way or the other. I think it depends on how much water I am holding on to. Just the way it goes I guess. lol

  4. What a fancy scale! Although, that bitch can keep her judgy thoughts to herself on whether I gained or lost! haha!

  5. That looks like an awesome scale. My scale broke a while ago. The 1 was missing. Now it is not accurate at all. I might need to go check this one out.

  6. Love tht scale and I wish I had it. I usually pay at the gym for a print out!

  7. My scale is always messed up. This one looks great!


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