Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Tips: 5 Best iPhone Apps for Bloggers

With all the talk about my new iPhone last month, I decided to put together a list of my 5 favorite apps that help keep my blogging game on point.

Wunderlist  //  You know how much we bloggers love lists?  Well Wunderlist is like the holy grail app for lists.  You can create lists and sub-lists, add tasks, set deadlines and reminders, share your lists with others, and so much more.  I've got a list for blogging, work, fitness, groceries, cleaning, etc. to help keep me on task.

PartyParty  //  By far my newest favorite photo app.  Created by the bloggers of A Beautiful Mess, this app allows for you to take multiple photos, edit and filter them, and save them as a collage or a slideshow.  One of the coolest things about it that separates it from all the other slideshow apps is that you can change the speed AND also save a copy of it as a GIF image.  Hells to the yeah.

BlogGo  //  Another blogger-created app by Wonder Forest, BlogGo is a MUST download for all Blogger users.  Post, edit, read, review comments, and insert photos all from your iPhone or iPad.  I've done several of my posts (like this) from this app alone and though it is harder to type on the iPhone/iPad keyboards, it's still great for posting on-the-go especially when you need to get a quick post up.

TimerCam  //  For quick and easy outfit photos, this app is it.  Simple and to the point, you just set your phone down, press the button and pose.  Great for fashion blogging or fitness before and after photos and I love that I can still see myself while getting in position, not like using a timer or remote on a regular camera.

Mail  //  This one is a no-brainer.  My post comments are set up to be sent to me via email which means that I can read and respond to comments whenever and wherever my phone and I happen to be.  And yes, I do respond to comments and emails while I'm dropping a deuce.  You're welcome.

And there you have it peeps, my 5 favorite bloggy apps.  Do you use your phone to help with blogging?  What are your favorite apps?


  1. Who doesn't get stuff down will dropping one. Why waste the free time! I just downloaded TimerCam! Can't wait to use it now!

  2. oh, I love A Beautiful Mess' first app, so obviously I need to download PartyParty. I already take at least twenty of every picture...

  3. hahaha that gif is hilarious. what a cool app!

  4. Love that gif you made! I had never heard of any of these...well except mail of course!

  5. I have to download that gif app.. so funny! And BlogGo ... had no clue about that one either!

  6. I love PartyParty! That GIF is adorable!! And thanks for responding to comments on the John :). Can't waste a minute right? I can't believe you wrote that LONG "exception" post on your phone. Crazy!!!! I don't use apps for my blog. Guess I'm a creature of habit and just NEED to sit with my photos at my computer and my go-to typing software.

  7. I definitely am obsessed with lists so I am downloading wunderlist now!

  8. well i reply as I shart...o wait...TMI
    Thanks for that BlogGo i'm checking it out right now!
    Andie's Traveling Pants


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