Thursday, September 18, 2014

A major bump in the blogging road...and other confessions.

It’s been one hell of a week so far and we’re only three days in!  I still can’t believe we’re already in the third week of September.  Remember when I said I’d blog more in September?  Yeah, so far that hasn’t been happening.  After the craziness of August and the flash of September so far, I’ve realized that there’s a LOT of shit that I haven’t even filled you guys in on.  So what better way to fill you in on all the behind-the-blog happenings than with Kathy’s confessions, right?  Here goes…

//  Got off the waiting list for ipsy and got my first (and second yesterday) glam bag.  Best $10/month ever.

//  Went to the local zoo and saw animals I never thought would even be on Guam.

//  Got hooked on washi tape.

//  Got a new car.  (Thanks babe!!)

//  Got a new laptop as a belated birthday gift.  Thank you parentals!

//  Purged my closet (again) and then put away all the clean clothes I had lying around and ended up filling the closet back up.

//  I’ve been buried in paperwork all month.

//  Kids aren’t yet used to the morning schedule.

//  Tried out the>Younique 3D Fiber Lashes.  And LOVED them.

//  Ate more than my fair share of pepperoni and cheese.

 //  Became a Younique Independent Presenter because I loved the fiber lashes so much.  A full review to come soon!

And too add a bigger bump in my blogging routine, I just found out that blogger has now been blocked at work.  What.  the.  actual.  fuck.  So as of right now, until I figure out how I'm going to stick blogging into my regular schedule away from work, you've just gotta deal with sporadic posts.  Sorry!  I'll try to draft and schedule posts ahead of time...but you know how that usually


  1. My oh my someone has been busy! What pretty lashes you have there! I love the sleeping at the table picture, so creative in a make-shift bed! Yay for new cars and laptops!!!

    Annnnnnd just like that I want pepperoni like nobody's business! Damn you!!!!!!

  2. girl those lashes look incredible on you! and look at that fancy new car, I bet you're the talk of the town!

  3. Loving the new car (Im a car girl) and yay for loving washi tape! I do too!!!

  4. Yout lashes look amazing!!!!!
    Ps. I love pepperoni and cheese too

  5. Yay new car! My work blocks a bunch of stuff too, but thankfully not blogger. I defnitiely write my share of posts from work and I'd be stuck if that happened!

  6. Sounds like all good things for now, except for blogger being blocked at work. That sucks so bad! Happy to see everything going smoothly for you. Also, I've been loving your outfit pics on IG!

  7. wait wait wait. tell me about these fiber lashes. and YESS to washi tape!! wait till you see her new stash :)

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Whoa, Jess! The blog looks totally different than the last time I visited. You go girl! Those lashes are pretty damn amazing. Yet again, you look good in everything. PS where'd you find the washi tape? Been on the look out for it but no luck.

  9. yay for new laptops and cars! and your lashes look amazing! thankfully my work doesnt block anything, but my last place did and i couldn't do anything. if my work blocked blogger i would cry!

  10. I think I have a mini lash curler from Younique. Great stuff! Can't wait to see where the partnership brings ya. And sorry about blogger being banned at work. Major bummer. I used to draft posts at work too but not anymore since I've actually been working ;).

  11. love the lashes! Awesome about getting the new car and laptop. It sucks they blocked blogger at your work.


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