Friday, September 12, 2014

Can I Get a "TGIF"?!

Holy hell am I stoked that it's Friday!  This whole week has been a shit ton of tedious tasks - mostly printing tens of thousands of documents for work.  I've been printing hard copies of documents from a disc for the past two days and I'm not even halfway through it.  And here's the kicker - there's three more discs for the same file that need to be printed out.  Fuck.

I haven't worked out at ALL for the past few days and even skipped out on my morning yoga routine a few times.  The kids have gotten sick, had school projects due, and we've all just been struggling to make it through the week.  Tomorrow is a full cleaning day for us - the whole house needs an overhaul.  Hopefully it'll help us to refresh for next week.

In case you're not following me on Instagram (why aren't you??), here's the outfits of the week:

Okay, so I didn't manage to get a full photo of Wednesday but it was basically a rust orange blouse with black pants and boots.  The same black pants I'm wearing today.  No, I didn't wash them before using them again today.  So what.

And because I'm so drained and this post has been pretty mediocre so far, here's a few links of AWESOME blogs and posts that you should check out instead:

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  1. I could never post my outfits every day because people would be bored to tears! I'm impressed.

  2. that little black dress is so cute! you have great style my dear :)

  3. I am loving all your outfits! So cute!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I haven't washed my gap jeans since I bought them earlier this year. So you're not the only one who doesn't wash their pants.

  5. i love all the outfit you wore, cute on you.

  6. Your style is so cute! Love the tank in that last one.

  7. Girrrllll, you are one hot mama! Love all of the outfits (especially the black belted dress). So cute!

  8. I love the outfits! I hope your kids are feeling better soon.

  9. "No I didn't wash them before wearing them again. So what." LMAO! I love you. P.S. why you so frikken beautiful? That navy belted dress with the heels is perfection on you.


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