Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Jinxed Myself...and other confessions.

So remember last week's post and how I listed "Good Vibes Only" as one of my goals for October?  Well, the universe didn't get to read that post yet.  It's been one negative thing after another.

...the weekend was nice and sunny for the most part, but only because we were expecting another typhoon (Vongfong) to hit us on Monday.  Thankfully, it didn't do any damage but it meant that schools were closed for the day and other places were closed for the first half of the day, but opened up later.  Vongfong totally punked us.

...I've only just recently realized that even though some things seem like a good idea in the beginning, they don't always pan out the way you expect them to.  People grow in different directions, like branches on a tree, and you just gotta know when to cut it off in order for it to grow into a tree on its own.  Tough love.

...since the typhoon scare has delayed my inventory shipment, I've been slacking on promoting my business.  I'll be stepping up my game soon and will hopefully get some Halloween makeup looks up for you guys.


...I still haven't worked out at all.  Supposed to pick up a treadmill from my niece but...haven't gotten around to it yet.  Maybe tonight.  And then who knows when I'll even start using it.

...because of all the drilling the dentist did on that one tooth the other week, my other temporary got loose and fell out so I was forced to starve myself because I couldn't chew good.  Thankfully I got it fixed yesterday so no more toothache diet for me!

And now it's your turn!  What do you have to confess this week?  Spill it!


  1. I hope your week gets better! And I'm right there with you on the exercise. I just got an exercise bike, but I've yet to put it together. Hah.

  2. hope your week gets better! i may bitch and whine about my canadian weather but i need to STFU because we don't get worrisome, real shit like typhoons, hurricanes or earth quakes.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  3. Oh goodness! Maybe the universe just hasn't realized it's October yet...hopefully things start looking up.

  4. I hope the week turns out better for your! I'm thankful the typhoon passed by with no damage at all. Happy to see your face around blog land again!

  5. oh I hope your week turns around! sending all the good vibes your way!!

  6. Yikes! A typhoon?! Glad it did not hit you guys. Tooth aches are nothing nice and no serotonin boosts due to no working out sounds like a crappy recipe. Hope it gets better for you

  7. oh you poor thing! hope things turn around for you - you just can't catch a break!

  8. haha I hate dealing with teeth problems and especially not being able to eat. I'm glad you got that fixed. I'm glad the Typhoon didn't hope you. Hopefully it stays away. It always seems like bad things happen all together. But, once they over you are good for awhile. That always seems to be my case anyway.

  9. I had teeth worked on too last week! But that's not what I came here to say. Today I was cleaning up Nolan's room and my foot ran into his heavy plastic duck piggy bank. It's bulky and ugly (it's Duck Dynasty merchandise so whatever) but anyways I stubbed my toe so hard and I was about to scream an expletive but my dad was nearby in the kitchen so I yelled, "UGH…. this… Frikken. Duckie.!!!!" LMAO no lie. I'm sure this is not how you got your blog name but I thought of you nonetheless. As for the workout part, lets take a stroll around the village sometime? I'll text you :)

  10. Toothache diet is one way to do it. But no fun!


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