Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: I've Got a Feeling...

Well, look who decided to show up and post today!  Yeah, me.  I did have awesome post ideas planned but haven't been able to get around to them.  Last Thursday I ended up leaving work early because I was horribly sick.  Even my boss said I looked terrible.  Gee, thanks.

The weather finally cleared up over the weekend and so did my sickness and we were FINALLY able to have a glorious, wonderful, much-needed beach day.  Salt water cures everything.

Unfortunately, this week has been pretty intense and I've been trying my hardest not to strangle people, throw a fit, or bawl my eyes out.  Trust me, it's been tough.

Now, if you know me, you'd know I'm not so great at dealing with feelings.  I'm more of a keep it locked up or write it out and then throw it away kinda person.  I've never gone to a counselor or therapist or anything like that.  Even when I'm drunk, I don't get overly emotional - I do talk more, but I'm not a hot mess.

So, because of all these feelings that have been overwhelming me lately, I thought I'd share some of the terrible ways I cope and alternatives that I'm going to TRY to do instead.

How I deal with stress:  Eat.  Or don't eat.  When I'm stressed out about things that I can't immediately handle, I eat.  Everything.  Even if I'm not hungry.  I usually stuff myself with all kinds of junk food when I'm planning a birthday or trying to figure out what bills need to be paid.  But, when I'm stressed about things that I have to deal with right then and there, I pretty much starve all day until dinner.  Usually this occurs when I've got a shit ton of work to get done.  I will not eat the whole day until about 6pm and sometimes I'm so exhausted from the stress and not eating that I just pass out without eating anything at all that day.  Polly want a cracker?  Nope.  Polly's too fucking busy to eat your damn cracker!!

How I deal with sadness:  Shop.  This may not be the most practical solution, but my closet loves it.  When I'm feeling sad or a little down, I spend a little (or a lot) of green.  Most times I make sure that my purchases are worth it, but sometimes I get a little carried away and just buy random things just because I want them.  Immediately.  Joey's great because he understands my retail therapy so sometimes he'll pick out a bunch of stuff (that I actually need and will use) and buy it for me so I don't end up regretting something I got and giving it away.  Makeup is not one of the things he deems as necessary so I'm usually on my own for those purchases.

How I deal with anger:  Kill.  Just kidding...kinda.  I kill the joy in others.  When I'm in a bad mood, it's best to stay away from me.  Don't talk to me, don't ask me what's wrong if I don't bring it up first, and do NOT do anything that is going to irritate the shit out of me because I will throw that shit in your face.  Unless I bring it up and want to talk to you about it, don't try to be my counselor.  And to avoid any harm to yourself, do not do anything stupid around me when I'm in a bad mood.  I will go gangsta on yo' ass.  There was an incident where I purposely backed into someone sitting in the parking lot behind my car.  So yeah.

Now that you know all my bad habits, here's what I plan to do in order to get rid of all that negative energy in a much healthier, more beneficial way.

How I should deal with stress:  Binge on creative outlets instead of food.  Gardening, sewing, painting, reading, cooking, etc.  Okay, well maybe not cooking.  Doing something that is low-key and doesn't require a lot of thinking, planning, or noise is definitely a great way to relieve some stress.

How I should deal with sadness:  Find other (less costly) options to cheer me up.  Going to the beach, singing, dancing, hanging out with friends, and blogging more.  I mean, how can you still feel sad after blasting James Brown's I Feel Good and dancing around your house?

How I should deal with anger:  Work it out.  Yoga to calm down and cardio and HIIT workouts to let all the rage out.  If I worked out every time someone pissed me off, I'd be a frikken beast!  Come at me, bro!

Not trying to be a counselor or anything, but how do you deal with your emotions and feelings?  Do you have playlists for your emotions?  What is the craziest thing that your emotions have driven you to do?


  1. I love that you can identify how you deal with each emotion. I've never thought of this for myself.

    Hmmm...I've changed a lot. I used to swallow my emotions. And like you, eat.

    Now, I get shit right off my chest. It feels 100X better, but I still want to eat afterwards too. So I guess my problems aren't solved. lol!

  2. I don't handle my emotions well at all. I try to handle it myself and then I just get resentful. When something really bad happens I have chopped my hair, got piercings... I'm terrible. I also can't let things go without some type of closure to whatever the situation was. I can't just pretend like something didn't happen.

  3. I usually go straight to shopping or food. I've definitely been down the chopping all of my hair off route too though...

  4. I mostly lean on retail therapy to cure anything for me. It always makes me feel better! haha!

    Ummm that picture is just beautiful! I want to be there!!!

  5. I would love to give you tips on how to deal with emotions but...we're like total twins in that department so your guess is as good as mine. Most of my stress feelings quickly turn to anger though so I end up saying or doing things I [occasionally] regret. I've actually gotten to the point where I think I should probably find a therapist...but I'll probably just get angry at him/her too and get thrown out. Wah.
    I like your tips though! Hopefully I can actually remember them in my blind rage...oops! :P

  6. I deal with stress and anger the same way- I shut everyone out. Not good!


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