Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Tips: Blog Chores

Goodness, it's already November!  Seriously, where has the year gone?  Being that it's still the beginning of the month, and I've gone missing for the past two weeks (yet again), it's about time I get to work on my monthly blog chores.

Nobody likes doing chores, but it is something that must be done in order to keep a nice and tidy living space.  Same rules apply for your blogging space.  In order to keep things on your blog running smoothly, here are a few things you can do:

1.  Update your blog statistics.  We usually list our stats on our advertising/sponsorship pages so it is important to update these monthly so that we're providing potential clients and sponsors with the current information.

2.  Clear out your sidebars.  Get rid of old ads, links and buttons that no longer work or are no longer relevant.

3.  Take a selfie.  Changing your profile/intro photo is a quick and easy way to update the look of your blog without having to redesign the whole thing.  Most of us take a selfie at least once a month anyway (even once a day, for some) so why not change it up on our blogs too?

4.  Schedule important dates.  Got a sponsored post due?  Planning on doing a themed post on a certain day?  Plan it!  Days go by so quickly and with all the craziness of our real lives, sometimes we tend to neglect our blogs (guilty!) so having a deadline can make it a little easier to plan for posting and blog time.

5.  Make a new friend.  Okay, so this one is more of a goal instead of a chore but, each month, reach out and connect with one new person.  Interact with your followers and turn them into something even better:  friends!

So, what chores have you been procrastinating on?  What would you add to this list?


  1. see, i make it easier on myself by 1) never checking stats 2) using sidebar stuff that's always relevant and 3) never posting a pic because then that means i don't have to udpate :D

  2. I don't do stats either. I just don't see the point for me. My sidebar doesn't really have to be updated, which makes it easy. I do need to get better at sticking to a writing schedule though. I hate having 24/7 writer's block.

  3. This reminds me that I have on-going list including: cleaning up Pinterest boards, creating an "about author" box that goes at the end of posts, prettier share buttons, set up email subscription, and updating my about page (and add pages).

  4. I don't have my stats listed anywhere thankfully though I doubt they change much. I do try and find a new blog each month though, I love finding new faces!

  5. I dont check stats ... I may be the odd one out here though haha but I do need to do some blog chores for sure....


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