Friday, January 16, 2015

Shopping Smarter: Eyeglasses [feat. Firmoo]


 The "Smartie" Outfit
  Bralette ($5.99) & Tank Top ($7.99): Jeans Warehouse Guam
Blazer (old):  c/o 720four
Guess Jeans ($15.00): via Poshmark
Shoes ($24.99):  Just Fab "Frances"
Glasses ($36.00): c/o Firmoo
Guess Necklace ($7.99):  Ross Guam

It's been a while since I posted my face up in hurr, hasn't it?  Since the death of my camera, I've kind of been limited to my iPhone for photos, which has really put a damper on my hopes of producing better posts with quality images.  Womp womp.  But, a new camera is on my wishlist this year (which I'll post about later) so hopefully I'll be upgrading soon.


Lately I've been all about smart shopping.  I've become obsessed with trying to find the best deals without having to sacrifice the quality of the product.  That whole outfit up there cost me less than $100.00.  REAL.  Take that expensive fashion bloggers!

Towards the end of last year I was contacted by Firmoo to try out another pair of glasses for them.  If you remember, I had previously reviewed a pair of sunglasses from them that were absolutely perfect and still my faves, so of course I was thrilled to be able try a pair of their prescription glasses too.

Once again, Firmoo did not disappoint.  Picking out my frames was the hardest part because they were all so cute and I had a hard time deciding which would look best on me.  I had even had a friend measure my eye area so that I was sure to get frames that would fit my face perfectly (which I definitely recommend you do when you're ordering glasses online) since the awesome folks at Firmoo provide the measurements for each frame on their site for your convenience.

After finally deciding on my frames, the rest was easy.  I was able to fill in my prescription quickly since I had asked my eye doctor (I'm too lazy to google the actual professional title for an "eye doctor" it optometrist?) to write it out for me at my last visit so I had no problems at all.

When I received my Firmoo frames, I immediately tried them on and fell completely in love with them.  The quality is amazing.  The frames are thick and sturdy and the metal hardware is not flimsy or loose.  Firmoo went above and beyond my expectations yet again.

And, though I did receive these glasses compliments of Firmoo, I would (and probably will soon) gladly pay full price for another pair considering that these bad boys only cost $36.00 and they've easily replaced the frames I had just dished out $250.00 (which could have been put towards a new camera) for from that eye doctor of mine.  At least now I know better.  And where the better is.


  1. How frikken cute are you?! Love the whole look, and the glasses really look good. I wanted those shoes. Really bad. And I almost ordered them half a dozen times, but I just knew by looking at them that they'd be tight :(

  2. That is such a cute outfit that you have on! I love it.

  3. Dude. You are gorgeous! And those glasses are too!

  4. I'm a bargain hunter so when I see a good deal, sometimes it's hard to pass it up! :)

  5. Love those glasses on you!!! And your outfit too!

  6. you work outfit is the exact opposite of mine! you look so put together; i look like a potato!

  7. Love those specs on you! And you are stunning!

  8. The whole look and the glasses are perfection. A steal of a deal and a hottie with a body! Couldn't help but notice your cutest-ever calendar and one helluva ring. You go girl ;)

  9. you look so pretty with your glasses plus your outfit.

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