Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tuesday Tips: Prepare for Good Days

Yay, it's the first "blogging" post of the year!  Now that we've all gotten over the holiday hangovers it's time to get down to biz-nass.

Okay, before we get started I want you to stop and think about your day.  How is it going so far?  Good?  Bad?  Awesome?

A lot of times, the outcome of our day depends on our morning routine.  When I ignore the alarm clock in the morning, I end up waking up late and then become frustrated with myself and everyone else because I have to rush through everything which leads to me having a bad day.  But, when I wake up early or on time I'm able to get a quick workout in, shower in peace and drink a cup of coffee while the kids get ready for school so I'm much more relaxed and positive throughout the day.

Think about some of the good days you've had recently.  What was so good about it?  What routines did you go through on those days?  What prepares you for good days?

For me, a good day consists of morning yoga, a hot cup of coffee, and upbeat/feel-good music.  I'm usually extremely motivated and productive throughout the rest of the day when I'm able to do a little yoga or work up a sweat in the morning.

Now let's think about how you work.  Do you need complete silence?  Do you work better under pressure?  What do you absolutely need to get you motivated and focused on what you need to do?

I used to think that having the freedom to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted was when I worked best.  But, when I really got to thinking about it, I realized that with so much freedom it was easier for me to lose focus and get distracted with other projects and things.  I know now that having a deadline or a set limit of time pushes me to actually complete tasks and allows me to think outside-the-box when I have to.

Another thing that helps me to work well is having a routine.  I try to plan my day efficiently and keep certain things constant and routine.  Same thing should apply when it comes to blogging.  Though I do like to keep my post topic options open and flexible, there are still certain constant things that I do (okay, not lately because I've been in a slump) to help me keep on track when I blog.

Now that it's a new year, it's time to start/get back to good habits in all aspects of our lives, blogging included.  So, I've prepared a little worksheet to help us get out of our slumps and get back to blogging full-force!  Nothing too fancy, just a little checklist of sorts to motivate us and keep us focused on our tasks.  Enjoy!

What do you absolutely need to get through your day?  Where do you find inspiration to blog?  What questions help you get through writer's block?


  1. I was JUST thinking about this -- routines and how important they are to getting a good start to the day!!!!! I just LOVE your worksheet! I love that you wrote your mantra in the top corner.

  2. That worksheet is amazing! The checklist is the most helpful for me.

  3. This worksheet is awesome! Love it and thanks :)

  4. I seriously love your positivity. And the best part of Frikken Duckie is that you always ask me what I think! Even though you have all the fab ideas, I get to feel cool by association. And that's SUPER cool. (I think this may be considered part of your goal of "Reader Engagement" but I just ignore all the other comments and pretend like you're only talking to me) :P

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