Thursday, January 8, 2015

Write or Die: History is a Mystery

So this year I planned to start trying new things and practicing good habits in order to better myself.  I'm also working on honing my mad skillz and challenging myself to take things to a whole 'notha level (while still remaining gangsta, obvs).  That being said, I've decided to start joining up with one of my favorite bloggers, Vashelle, (who is also absolutely GORGEOUS online and in person) for Write or Die Wednesdays.  It's a great link-up that not only allows us to meet new people and discover new blogs, but it also helps us to explore and develop our writing skills and gain inspiration to push through our writing slumps.

This week's writing prompt is:

As soon as I read this week's prompt I started racking my brain to figure out what I would write about.  Stonehenge?  The Loch Ness Monster?  Aliens?  Why there's always at least one sock without a match when you do laundry?  Of all the things I thought of, there was one word that kept coming to mind:  HISTORY.

Now, to some people, this may not seem like such a mysterious thing.  We do know a lot about what has happened in the past because there are a lot of things and events which have been documented by others who have lived through it.  Unfortunately, there are still a LOT of gaps and holes and unanswered questions that we may never fill or find the answer to.  That is the mysterious part.

The artifacts we've dug up from the ground, the books and journals we've gathered information from still don't tell us everything.  We know that gigantic reptiles roamed the earth once because we've found their bones and fossils but we still don't know why they all died.  We know that man created the wheel but we still don't know who created it and how it happened.

History is one of the biggest mysteries of the world to me.  It's actually fascinating to me.  Did I ever mention that at one point I had my heart set on being an archaeologist?  Not just an archaeologist, but an Egyptologist actually.  I've just always had a thing for Egypt.  The pyramids, the royal scandals, the religious and political turmoil - I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

What about you, what do you find mysterious?  Do you believe in Nessie?  Are you a closet history nerd like I am?

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  1. Duckie, first of all, thank you for the sweet compliment! Second, thank you for joining us this week! It's so good to have you.

    I think of many of the same things about history that you mentioned. Sometimes too, I wonder how much of what we think we know or have been taught is false. For example, say 300 years down the line some archeologist stumbles upon the remnants of an old building. Lets say this building had grafitti on it. The archeologist, who lives in an age where grafitti is no longer a concept, believes the grafitti is much more important than it really was. He hypothesizes that it signified the death of a king or something or the other when all it really was was some thug who skipped school decided to deface a building.

    Does that make sense? lol

    I think there is so much that we do not know, and so much that might be misconstrued.

    P.S. Don't forget to link-up!! :)

  2. I'm not a history buff and have a real hard time remembering dates and when things happened! So bad. I grew up in a religious home and a lot of the mysteries of the world I've chalked up to our religious beliefs that God created the world. These days, the mystery of the future/afterlife fills my thoughts, especially when our son says things like "I want us to be together forever" and I can't be sure that that is true.

  3. I have a history/lit double major degree and its still a mystery to me. I adore history though!! As for the Lochness monster ... my mum went on the River Ness and didnt see him lol so Im going with what she said!


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