Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Tips: Outsourcing

 Even though we claim we are, we can't always be the superhero of our blog.  We can't expect to get all our posts up on time all day err'day, have pin-worthy photos in every post, respond to every single comment on every single post within 5 minutes, or create and design every single aspect of our blog all on our own.  Sure, we're still the Beyonce of our blogs but, hey - even Beyonce pays people to do shit for her.

Now if you know me, you know I'm all about saving a few bucks and trying it on my own before I pay anyone else to do it for me, but I still outsource from time to time depending on what I need in order to (a) avoid killing myself in the process, (b) save time and energy that I don't have to begin with and (c) to be sure that I'm happy with the final product and if not, I'll at least have someone else to blame for it.

Some things that I happily pay others to do:  anything that has to do with electricity, cutting my hair, car repairs, and of course, cooking/baking things that I'm too lazy to make myself.  I don't mess with no fuse boxes, turn my car in to the shop when the maintenance light goes on, and order cookies for holidays/birthdays/special occasions from Roxanne Diaz, who does an amazing job every time.  (If you live on Guam and are looking for some custom cookies for an event, you MUST check her out!)

As far as blogging goes, I like to pride myself in coming this far over the past couple years.  I designed my current layout and theme all on my own and had a hell of a time trying to piece it all together so it looked good on the real life internet.  Would I do it again?  Maybe.  Anytime soon?  NO.  I would like a new design for this year, but just the thought of doing it all over is giving me a migraine.  

Now, as we all know, the internet is ginormous but it can seem very small when you're looking for something really specific, especially when it comes to your blog.  There are a lot of freebies out there for you to take advantage of, but there are also some really amazing things that'll cost you a few (sometimes hundreds) bucks.  It's a no-brainer to always look through the free stuff, then the sale stuff before hitting the full-price racks, but when it comes to certain things, you just gotta go ahead and get it while you can.  Here are some splurge-worthy blog things that are worth cracking open that wallet for:

Fonts.  I love me some fonts.  Lately I've been on a brush script font kick and have been scouring the internet for some really good ones.  I found one called Manhattan Darling that I fell in love with so when I saw it came with a few bonus graphics, I just knew I had to have it.

Blog Kits.  This one called The Jasmine Blog Kit is seriously calling my name right now.  Loving the colors and the graphics so much, this might just be the next design for Frikken Duckie.  What do you think?

Graphic Sets.  For those who love creating wallpapers/posters/quotes, I think spending a few bucks on some graphic sets can be worth it.  In addition to my brush script kick, I've also been on a watercolor graphics kick and cannot wait to start purchasing some of the sets by Graphic Box.  Especially the floral ones!

If you're into the whole blog stats/numbers/traffic counting/etc., then by all means, go right ahead and hire an SEO to help you raise your ratings.  Personally, I don't know anything about SEO or traffic counting or any of that other stuff and I don't really care to.  But again, that's just me.  You do you.

So, what do you think about outsourcing?  What have you splurged on for the sake of your blog?  How much are you willing to DIY vs. spending?


  1. Great tips, Duckie! I wish I knew how to use fonts. There's are so many cute ones I come across but have no idea how to use. And I feel your pain on designing a blog layout. I did a few things with mine and the frustration is real.

  2. So far, I have done everything on my blog myself. I am trying really hard to not have to hire help when I know if I sit down and spend the time...I can figure it out myself.

  3. As long as I make money on the blog, I'm happy to outsource. Design for sure, I have no clue what I'm doing and no time/willingness to learn. I happily outsource that!

  4. I love Creative Market add well though I've only downloaded free stuff from them. When it comes to life, I'm all about outsourcing if it's worth the money and if I have money, like haircuts even for the dogs. But for the blog, I haven't been serious with it to want to hire anyone for anything. I've seen some amazing features on other blogs I'd love to incorporate but I'd definitely have to spend money then. Someday!

  5. I definitely outsource with design. I can do it on my own but meh Id rather not. I add stuff here and there when I need to! I love the idea of outsourcing. I checked out the kit that would look so cute as your new blog! :)

  6. I think the only thing I've ever bought for my blog is my URL. I used to do graphic design, when I was in high school for fun, and it's definitely taught me a lot!

  7. I just now bought my website name. I am a pretty cheap person (unless I am buying stuff I don't need) and it is hard for me to spend money even when it is a good investment.

  8. A great post! I think there is a balance between DIY and outsourcing that is constantly shifting. In the beginning, it's good to DIY to save some cash (and to learn a great deal about stuff in the process!) but as your blog/biz grows, it's important to focus on the core of your biz and leave the other things for other experts. In my case, the core of my blog is illustration, so I am trying to gear my energy towards that and slowly outsource other things.
    Xx, Marketa


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