Thursday, March 5, 2015

Confessions, because it's been a while.

Ever since Kathy's confession linkup died, I haven't done a confession post or linked up with any other confessions.  I'd like to think of it as my mourning period.  But, I've been so inconsistent with my posts and replying and commenting on other blogs that I figured it's about time I make a little more noise around here and join up with the other sinners in confession.

So, here it goes:  I confess...

That I may have bitten off a bit more than I could chew with trying to switch over to WordPress.  Holy frikken crap.  I thought I could do it all on my own, but it looks like I'm gonna have to fork out some cash to get it done right.  Anyone have tips or suggestions or wants to do it for me?  Please?

I had planned on doing a makeup post this past Monday, I really did.  But, if you caught last week's post, you would know that Younique launched 6 new products on March 1st, so of course I was busy browsing and drooling over everything.  ALL.  DAY.  LONG.  If you check my browser history for the past couple days, you'd see.  But seriously, I am so excited to try out the new products (and give you all a review, of course) and I may even do another makeup giveaway this month since it's been a hot minute since I've done one around these parts.

I've gotten ahead of myself again with the whole business planning thing.  Here I am thinking about names, logos, models, etc. and I haven't even started on creating an actual product.  #iknowican bust out that sewing machine tonight and get started on something instead of spending my time browsing for stuff that I can't afford.  Time to turn on some tunes and get productive.

I started the 14 Day Yoga Shred Challenge the other day and holy hell am I out of shape!  My legs and core are killing me today but it hurts so good.  I cannot wait for the next video to be up.  I'm also doing the #JourneyToHandstand challenge on Instagram, but I haven't posted any photos of me doing the poses because, awkward.  I really do hope I can do a handstand by the end of this though.  Anyone else doing a fitness challenge this month?

I've been playing around with Photoshop lately and having a little too much fun using the resources I've been downloading.  So far, I've done a mock-up of some Younique business cards, a few quote prints (including the one in the Monthly Mantra: March post) and a bunch of new logo designs for the blog.  I've even decided to create a new brand logo for this shop because (a) the owner is awesome, (b) her designs and products are amazing and (c) I think it's a great way to show my love and appreciation to someone doing what I aspire to do someday (soon) by creating a fresh new look and supporting her business with a post and banner here on Frikken Duckie and hopefully making her do a happy dance at the end of it all.

So what do you have to confess today?


  1. I need to participate in a fitness challenge. I'm just so unmotivated!!! Ugh. I suck.

  2. I confess that I signed up for that yoga shred challenge too.... And haven't started it. Zero motivation lately.

  3. I confess that I signed up for that yoga shred challenge too.... And haven't started it. Zero motivation lately.

  4. You can try Lisette (high note designs) she did my blog design and she does transfers all the time. If I transfer mine Ill be definitely using her!

  5. Awesome, you took the plunge and contacted that owner! Yay! Looks like you're learning a lot of technical stuff, so good job!!! Did you want that ebook to help you with the transition from blogger to WP? If you have questions along the way, I *might* be able to help. Not promising anything because I'm stuck with something for a friend....

  6. I would love to learn Photoshop! And the yoga challenge sounds interesting... might be good for me too.

  7. Seems like there is always so much to do and just thinking about it makes me want to just lay on the couch and watch love and hip hop.

  8. I have something to confess, last week was really stressful for me, so instead of going through my bloglovin' feed, I just hit "read all" for all of the posts. Which is something that I've never done before.


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