Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts: Quick Life Update

Okay, so I realize it's been a while since I shared a personal post on what's been happening in my life lately.  Truth is, there's so much happening that I hardly have time anymore to sit down and write.  Our day-to-day is so crazy right now that none of us have been able to really relax and take a break from it all.

March is usually one of the busier months for us and this year it is 300 times busier.  This is what the rest of the month's schedule looks like for us:

Soccer games Mondays and Wednesdays with practices on all the remaining weekdays, little league baseball practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays with games on the weekends, Joey's baseball games, doctor's appointments, CCD, Chloe's birthday on the 19th, Joey's birthday on the 30th, and that's still not everything because we're waiting for the rest of the baseball schedule to be given to us.  Did I mention that Joey's car has been down for the past week?  Oh, and we're expecting a tropical storm this weekend.


I have a feeling that by the end of this month I'll have a full head of white hair.  

So, what have you been up to?


  1. Yikes!!!! Hope you get a break soon girly!

  2. I've been sick for the last week, I had a fever on Monday, which was unexpected, and I'm trying to get better, and haven't been eating that much at all, due to being sick as well. :(

  3. Wow, that IS busy. Keep your sanity! March is still pretty open for us but only because I like to keep it that way. I know there will come a time when I'm as busy as you, aka when the kids grow up and want to do stuff.

  4. You are pretty packed for the rest of the month! Life gets so busy when you have kids!

  5. That sounds pretty freakin hectic! Stay safe with the storm and try to enjoy the moments, even the busy ones :)

  6. I heard about the tropical storm! Stay safe oh and take some time to relax. :)

  7. Looks like you have a very busy month! And yikes, I hope the tropical storm doesn't hit!



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