Friday, April 3, 2015

Monthly Mantra: April

Nope, this isn't a dream!  I'm back!  Well, sort of.  Things have been crazy busy (what's new, right?) since my last post and I haven't had time to get around to blogging.  Sorry 'bout that.

I finally had time tonight to get around to creating this month's mantra and I really love it.  I don't know if it's been said before, but it's something that popped into my mind the other day while I was thinking about spring and about trying to grow as a person.  It originally started out as "any old weed can grow, but only a flower can bloom"...or something like that.  I like this simplified version better.  What do you think?

Anyway, I'm hoping to post more this month but not promising anything.  I've really been trying to keep the rest of my life on track and blogging has been on the bottom of my priority list lately.  I'll post an update of what I've been up to later.  When I have time.  Haha.

So, what about you?  Have you been growing or blooming?  What is your favorite thing about spring?

And, as always, feel free to save the above image to use as inspiration!  Just please try to link back to me!  Thanks!


  1. Yay for blogging again! I've been busy since last month, with a lot of projects, and I'm part of a new start up app. So that's been keeping me busy. So as of right now, I've just scheduled a lot of my posts for the rest of the month.

  2. That's a great mantra and great artwork. You should totally sell it!!! I hope you can get back to blogging this month, but totally understand when life is more important. I hope to bloom this month -- getting outside more, taking more photos, enjoying my kids.

  3. Love the mantra and I love seeing you pop up when you do but if life is busy that should be your focus! :)


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