Thursday, April 30, 2015

Recap: Round 1.

So it's finally the end of April.  We've finished the first 1/3 of the year!  Yay!  Time to tally up our wins and losses and get ready for the second round.

I had laid out my 2015 domination plan back in December and had mentioned that for the first four months of this year, my goal was to "START".  Start good habits, start living the life I want, start doing.  I have to admit that I have been slacking off a lot.  But, when I look back at the things that I was able to do I'm pretty satisfied with my progress.

Here's what I've been able to start so far:

Working out - I started the year off doing HIIT and yoga but then sort of fell into a funk.  I've recently regained my motivation and am trying to keep it going.  I've actually got a workout planned right after I hit publish on this post!

Painting - Chloe got a bunch of art supplies for her birthday in March (thanks Frank, Ardyce & Dara!) so we broke them out and we all started painting.  I also started the Watercolor course on Creativebug and have been trying to learn the basics of watercolor.  I've even picked up a few new paints and supplies to experiment with.  My kids are loving our little painting sessions.  Chloe even put out a sign to try and sell her paintings.

Budgeting - Okay, so this one is mostly a fail.  I try to budget but it just doesn't work.  There's always some kind of issue that comes up that we need to spend money on.  Birthdays, the electrical and now the plumbing in the bathroom needs to be fixed.  It never ends.  I know I can do better at it and I plan to.

Younique - I'm proud to say that I'm finally a Yellow Status presenter!  Still nowhere near Black, but it's a step up from White so I'm happy.  I've been trying to promote and make sales as much as my schedule will allow but I know I could do so much better if I took it up another notch or two.  Sorry if you're sick of my Younique posts but I'm just so in love with their products!  I'll be doing more giveaways soon so you can all get a chance to win a few of the things I've been gushing about.

Blogging - Yeah, I've gotten pretty lax on this.  I continued to do the Monthly Mantras and I've popped in every now and again but it hasn't been enough and I know it.  Trying to organize my time and find balance with my real life so that I can blog more.

Business Goals - I've actually started and completed a couple pieces and I'm still really proud of myself for doing so!  I made a kimono and got tons of compliments on it and I also made a dress for Chloe that she and everyone else loved!  I'm currently working on another kimono cardigan and have been trying to figure out the size and proportions for swimwear that I plan to start sewing together this weekend.  I've also figured out a way to make some money locally to sell my completed products and get some feedback from potential customers.  I'll let you know more as I go along.  Don't want to get ahead of myself again.

So that's what I've been working on for the past four months.  I know I could have done a lot more if I had just gotten my lazy butt moving.  Now that we're heading into the second round of the year, I'm determined to kick ass!   Come back tomorrow to see my "PROGRESS" strategy and the Monthly Mantra for May!

What about you?  What have you been able to start so far this year?  How's your progress?  No, really.  ;-)


  1. Yay for getting back to it - working out, designing + making, and building your business. I've been ok about working out a few times a week at home. It's so boring on the bike for an hour but I just have to do it.

  2. Congrats on making progress with your goals. Keep at it and you will reach your goals. I try to do at least one thing a day to reach my goals. As long as you do something that is what matters and your goals will be met. I'm trying to take steps and reach some goals this year as well. I know we both can make it happen with time and persistence.


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