Monday, May 18, 2015

A Quick Recap of Typhoon Dolphin

Yes, it's me again!  I had typed out a lengthy post about my Typhoon Dolphin experience from this past weekend but it seemed like such a downer that I decided to scrap it and just give you a quick rundown of what we endured:

- No power/electricity.  It's been out since Friday and still has yet to be restored in our area.  Latest update says they're expecting it to be on by tomorrow evening.  First night was okay, second night was bearable, last night we slept in the car...who knows what we'll have to do tonight if it's still off.

- Boredom.  There's really only so much you can do without electricity.  Especially when it's hot as hell and you've got three kids to entertain.

- No water.  It went out on Friday (after the electricity) but thankfully it was restored to our area yesterday afternoon.  The water was actually on yesterday morning but it was coming out brown until the afternoon.  Yum.  We ended up showering at my office instead.

- Hard rain and strong winds.  Giant trees were uprooted, mangoes/breadfruit/coconuts/etc. were blown off the branches and there is green debris and trash everywhere.

- No cellphone service.  Damage to the cell towers has been causing spotty service all weekend.  And yes, my area is one of the spotty ones so I had no service at all this weekend.

- Over-eating.  We tried to eat and cook as much as we could and salvage the rest.  With no power for days, it was only a matter of time before everything else was spoiled.

- No school.  All public schools are closed today since water and electricity still haven't been fully restored.  Hopefully they open tomorrow, but it all depends.

- High stress levels.  This is a given during any natural disaster.  It's out of your hands and out of your control but you can't help but go nuts.

So, that was my weekend.  How was yours?  How would you deal with no power or water for three days?


  1. I'm glad everyone is okay but I remember how hot and uncomfortable it is without AC! Hopefully they get that fixed soon!

  2. I have no idea how you are keeping it together!!! I hope that things can get back to normal soon. We were out of power for a few days during a heat wave. We slept in the basement one night and the next day we drove 45 min to my sister's who still had electricity. If it would have lasted longer, we would have drive 3 hrs to our parents' house. Hang in there! Glad you're all safe.

  3. Oh girl I am so glad you are ok! I though about you when I heard this in the news. Genuinely hope that by now things are at least a little more back to normal!

  4. I probably would have died of boredom by the end of three days! But hey that gives me an excuse to go through my magazines, and read some books on my shelves.

  5. the only 'natural disaster' canadians experience is snow during non-winter times. like yesterday, a city west of me got snow and the whole city was up in arms. i really don't know how you guys do it! my cousins who live in Jamaica and Miami have to deal with hurricanes and all that jazz and they talk about it like it's any ol' rain fall. i'd be cowering and weeping in my basement. or maybe during a typhoon, you head to higher ground? see, i don't even know what to do. BUT glad that you are ok and things get back to normal soon.


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