Friday, May 29, 2015

Birthday Wishes

If I could have ANY 29 wishes come true on my birthday, this is what they'd be:

1.  World peace pizza.  Maybe we'd all get along better if we weren't so hungry?

2.  This dress.

3.  A teleportation device.

4.  To be debt-free.

5.  The house of my dreams.  Basically any house at all, as long as it's mine.

6.  To fly.

7.  A serger machine.

8.  A garden that I don't need to attend to.

9.  For my kids to grow up happy, healthy, humble and hungry for knowledge and success.

10.  The knowledge and start-up money to open a store and start a clothing line.

11.  This camera (still).

12.  To get my degree so I can get a raise!

13.  Bigger boobs and flatter tummy without surgery or procedures.

14.  Be able to afford and have the wedding of my dreams.

15.  Honeymoon in Greece.

16.  A cure for cancer.  Preferably painless and affordable.

17.  To be Beyonce and Taylor Swift's BFF.

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18.  For Pokemon to be real.

19.  More affordable healthcare and childcare (especially during summer!).

20.  To be able to pay for stuff with confetti.  All I'd need is a ream of paper and a hole punch in my car.  Make it rain!!!

21.  That this little beauty and her family live a long, happy life.  Click here to donate to Curryn's medical fund.

22.  Less stress.

23.  For my bar to always be fully stocked.

24.  An app to download outfits into my closet.  For free, please.

25.  For girls and women to stop being so catty and start running the world.

26.  To have this guy 4EVs.

27.  Roasted turkey legs.

28.  A lifetime family pass to Disneyland/world.

29.  For my eyebrows and winged liner to always be "on fleek".

And that's my 29th birthday wishlist.  What would yours look like?


  1. Happy birthday! A wonderful list. So sad to hear that Curryn has cancer but how awesome that they've already raised the $5,000 they wanted and almost double that! Restores my faith in humanity.

  2. Love the camera. I have a similar one. And yes to that dress!

  3. Happy Birthday!! awesome wishes. I love the world pizza wish.

  4. I second you on 1, 3, 8, 16, 20 and 24! Hope you had a super awesome birthday lady!


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