Monday, June 29, 2015

Makeup Mondays: My Summer Essentials

Whoop whoop!  Summer is in full swing and that means longer days, hotter temperatures and lots of reasons to glam up and have some fun.  Here are my favorite summer beauty items that I cannot live without!

1.  I'm still sort of new to waxing but have been wanting to do it (correctly) for a long time.  I've done sugaring before, but it's really messy and not worth the effort in my opinion.  I've also tried the Sally Hansen wax kit but holy crap that shit got stuck EVERYWHERE.  And, unlike sugaring, it was not washable!  So, when I saw the Nad's strips I figured I'd give waxing another try.  It comes in a small box and contains 20 long strips with the strips stuck together in pairs.  Basically, you peel the two sides apart, then you can use one strip on one leg and the other strip on the other leg...or whatever body part you decide to do.  It's simple, easy to use, not messy and there's no prep to it so you can keep it in your purse and take it along with you just in case you find yourself in a hairy situation.  I know, that was lame.

2.  This is the only dark spot corrector I have found so far that actually works for me.  I've tried dozens of other brands and products that claim to do the same thing but haven't worked.  Since I started this one, I've noticed my complexion becoming more even, my dark spots and acne scars are clearing up, and my face just seems more youthful and bright.

3.  Summer on Guam is wayyyyy too hot and humid for full-faced makeup.  The minute I step out of the office/car/anywhere with air conditioning, I feel like I'm melting into a puddle on the pavement.  My Younique powder foundation is always on hand during these summer months.  Great coverage, helps to fight shine from sweat and oil, yet not heavy or cakey looking.

4.  Dandruff and itchy scalp are a huge problem for me during the summer months.  The heat makes me sweat and makes my hair go crazy and cause major flake-age and itchy-ness.  This shampoo is great for that and also has an intense cool feeling to it when I massage it into my scalp.  It's kinda like how your mouth feels right after you brush your teeth - but for your head.

5.  You had to know that I would throw my Younique Fiber Lashes in here!  These babies are a permanent fixture in my beauty bag.  Sweat proof, water resistant and the perfect beauty item for every season.  During summer I tend to go more natural with my make up, and this always helps to give me that little "oomph" I need to take my look from just plain natural to natural beauty.

6.  And lastly, since my summer is usually full of spontaneity, I carry the Younique cream eyeshadow with me just in case I need a little extra glam to my look.  The cream shadow is light-weight, crease resistant and goes on like buttah.  Brightens up my eyes instantly and gives me just the right amount of shimmer for those long summer days and fun summer nights.

Now tell me, what are some of your summer beauty faves?  Got a special product that you only use during summer?  Any summer beauty issues you have?


  1. I am with you on summers being too hot for full faced make up. It just melts right off you!

  2. darny darn darn darn. I posted a comment via phone and it didnt stick. or you didnt approve it lol. anyways...I said that Im feeling the twin vibe again because we both have the same #4 problem. I use the apple scent head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner. I dont see great results but the first two days, flakes are not as bad. love ya!

  3. The cream eye shadows intrigue me :). I don't do anything special for summer unless I'm on vacation, then I pretty much just skip makeup.

    PS. Love the palm leaf menu words and the updated header :).

  4. Summer here is hot too and I have to wear my makeup for work and it sucks.... thank God for AC!! Also you wax yourself?? I legit cannot wax anything myself... I just go get it done!


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