Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Things my #babydaddy doesn't do.

My #babydaddy doesn't put his own clothes away, but he does wash and dry all of ours.

My #babydaddy doesn't always go with us to church on Sunday, but he does let me sleep in on Saturdays.

My #babydaddy doesn't watch chick flicks, but he does love watching Disney movies with us.

My #babydaddy doesn't set the rules and boundaries for our kids, but he does make sure that they respect and follow the ones I've set.

My #babydaddy doesn't go to the gym or lift, but he does carry and swing the kids around when they ask him to.

My #babydaddy doesn't agree with my outfits all the time, but he does give me the shirt off his back if I get cold.

My #babydaddy doesn't know anything about manscaping, but he does know how to braid our daughters' hair.

My #babydaddy doesn't like to eat at fancy restaurants, but he does enjoy cooking for us (and we enjoy eating it).

My #babydaddy doesn't make it to every game, PTA meeting or performance that the kids have, but he does provide support by practicing with them at home and encouraging them to do their best.

My #babydaddy doesn't give us everything we want, but he does whatever it takes to give us everything that we need.

This post is a belated Father's Day tribute to my #babydaddy and the love of my life, Joey.  It would have gone up on Sunday, but I was too busy having fun and making sure Joey was having an epic Father's Day.  I'm pretty sure we accomplished our goal because he's still talking about all the fun he had.  See for yourself:

Inspired by Lisa's tribute.


  1. Great post (tks for linking to mine!)! Your husband does so many wonderful things, like the laundry :). And what a cool video. He looked like he was having the time of his life! And even funnier is that he jumped out of the plan with a man twice his age. That dude is crazy!

  2. Awe, love this!!! Sounds like you have a great baby daddy!

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