Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Tips: The 5-Step Blog Refresh

1.  Get rid of everything you don't need.  Random buttons from blogs that don't exist anymore, that "Bucket List" page that you even forgot you had, the old profile picture and "about me" blub and anything that hasn't been updated in over 6 months.

2.  Get a new design.  If you've got the cash, there are lots of designs available that you can customize to your heart and wallet's content.  However, if you'd rather save up for a pair of Valentino's, that's fine too!  There are tons of free designs, programs, etc. out there so you can create your own design all by yourself!  I know one blogger who actually drew and scanned her blog background pattern and it looked AMAZING!

3.  Fill in the blanks.  So now that you've deleted everything you didn't need or haven't updated, it's time to start fresh.  Write a brand new "about me" blurb, go through your selfies and update your profile picture, get buttons from your current favorite blogs, etc.  This is also the time when you could add new pages or elements to your blog (Instagram widget, favorite blogs page, etc.).

4.  Keep it consistent.  Once you're happy with the new look and feel of your blog's design and layout, take that design and make it consistent with your social media accounts, email newsletters, signature, etc.  It makes everything look a lot more professional when it all just flows together.  Plus, why would you not want to show off your new design?

5.  Plan ahead.  Now that you've got your happy internet place all spruced up, it's time to start planning for monthly updates, scheduling future posts, setting aside time for special projects (vlogs, photoshoots, product reviews, etc.) and scheduling updates to promote your posts on your social media accounts.

It may seem like a lot to do, but once you get the ball rolling and you get to that sweet spot where inspiration and motivation hits, it'll be a breeze.  Your blog is your internet home, keep it clean and fresh and it will continue to be a happy place.  And don't we all just want our own happy place?


  1. I recently did an entire blog refresh and I am SO happy! It's crazy how much a little blog facelift can make a huge difference! Great tips girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I need to refresh my space a little...maybe after vacation!

  3. YES to all, especially cleaning up the design. I recently removed much stuff from my sidebar and made my categories and social contact easier to find. We want a happy place and a place that's easy to navigate.

  4. let me know if you can response now to my comment...did i fix it? have no clue lol. xoxo.


  5. I DEFINITELY need a blog refresh...

  6. A blog facelift can do wonders. I feel so different and happier with my blog since it got a makeover earlier this year!

  7. I need to refresh, too... but maybe I"m not ready for it, yet!! Baby steps!!

  8. Ugh.. need to do. Planning...but procrastination. Procrastination is totally winning.
    Ashleigh | Mermaid on the Move


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