Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Sweats: Vol. 1

Okay, so my plan didn't go over so well.  I honestly didn't do what I set out to do.  Here's how my week went:

Monday:  I was supposed to do yoga and start the C25k but since Tuesday was Liberation Day, a local holiday here on Guam, I didn't have time to run at all since we didn't get home until late that night because we were setting up our canopy along the parade route.

Tuesday:  Liberation Day!  We got up early and spent all day at the parade in the hot sun.  We were there from 8am until about 4pm.  I was so tired and sunburnt that I was not in the mood to do any type of exercise at all.

Wednesday:  I did the first day of the C25k on Wednesday night.  I didn't get around to doing yoga because after running, I went to a going away bbq down the street.

Thursday:  Thursday sucked.  I was tired, grouchy, and the weather was horrible.  It was bright and sunny one minute, and then it poured.  HARD.  So hard that we found 3 leaks in our office and our designated parking area flooded.

My car was right behind that silver car.  Water was almost knee-deep.

I had to take my heels off, tie up my maxi skirt, and run barefoot in the pouring rain before the water got into my car.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that the flood water came from a backed up river that was probably full of run-off from the sewage pipe?  Yeah, fun times.

Friday:  I was feeling a bit under the weather from swimming in sewage the day before so I wasn't up for running or doing anything at all.

I know that last week was a complete fail but I'm going to try again this week so I can get into the habit of doing it so it won't seem like such a daunting task.  On another note, we cleaned a lot this weekend so now I have room to pull out my treadmill again!  Now I have no excuse not to do the C25k.


  1. I've missed your posts so much! I love the new blog design even though I'm not sure how new it is since I have been MIA for who knows how long. I finally posted today after being gone. Sorry that the week wasn't that great but I am proud that you are starting your fitness routine! Look forward to reading your daily posts again!

  2. I need to start back doing these Sunday posts! But I'd actually need to start back exercising for that to happen.

  3. It's great your keeping track though. And yay for making room for the treadmill. Hope you get use out of it. Unfortunately, my bike trainer hasn't been touched for awhile. Maybe I need a new time to workout. The evenings aren't doing it for me anymore.


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