Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Makeup Mondays: YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer and Perfector [Review]

Yay!  Another makeup post!  Honestly, I'm such a huge makeup geek (always have been, always will) so I love posting these.  #sorrynotsorry if it's not really your jam.  I understand, but I still hope that these posts are informative and inspirational to you if, perhaps sometime down the road, you may be looking for a new lipstick or wanting to try out contouring or wondering wtf a primer is and why you need it.


I was so stoked for this post ever since I got an email saying I was chosen to receive the Influenster YSL voxbox.  I've been a member of Influenster for the past few years but have NEVER been chosen for anything so finally being chosen was kind of a big deal for me and throwing YSL in the mix - I was one happy makeup geek.

Now, time for a little honesty:  Though I am a HUGE makeup geek, I am also a very cheap one.  I will not dish out loads of cash for brand name stuff if I know that I can get something almost exactly the same for way cheaper.  Laura Mercier, Make Up Forever, Dior, and yes, even YSL were brands I never bought.  So being able to try out two YSL products for free - yes, please!

The products I received were the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer and YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector. The product info, according to Sephora.com is below:




Why is this bottle so tiny?  What's with the glitter?  It looks like the body shimmer I used to buy back in middle school. Oh, it's a wand applicator.  I don't know how I feel about that.  Hmm...it's not as thick as my regular primer.  Yeah, nope - don't like this wand applicator.  A little more of an oily feel than my old primer...but, heyyyyyy this is going on so smoothly!  Wow, my skin feels so silky!  Okay, the glitter doesn't show much.  Kinda makes my skin look nice and glowy.  Oh wow, my regular powder foundation looks so great over this!  Damn, this little bottle really packs a punch!

Ohhh, it's so cute!  Okay so there's a pad to this.  Why is the pad separate?  Oh cute, the inside is the same shade of pink as the outside.  Kinda looks like lip balm...but feels kinda like a powder?  Oh wow, so silky.  Hey, it really does have a blurring effect.  Oh, yuck the pad has my foundation on it now.  Oh, okay, I get it now - it's like the balm fills in pores, creases and lines and then fills over them with the foundation I already put on my face.  Cool, no shine in my oily areas!  I wonder if it would be better to use it before I put my makeup on?

The Primer is pretty cool.  It really did hold my makeup on and made my powder foundation look like it had better coverage like a liquid. I did see on Sephora's website that the primer actually is a lot bigger than the sample size I received and that it is a pump applicator rather than a wand one which is the main issues I had with the one I got.  Other than that, I really did like the primer though I haven't fully tested it against my Younique one (pigmentation, water resistance, long-lasting, etc.) so I really can't give you a full comparison yet.  Maybe I'll start collecting other primer brands and compare the lot against each other.  To the death.

As far as the Perfector goes, there's really no product that I have ever tried that I can compare this to.  I really really really love the Perfector.  It's like a filler - my fine lines, creases, pores, freckles, etc. are filled in and covered with the transparent balm and it picks up a little bit of my foundation to cover the filled in areas and blur it out.  Like, no Instagram filter needed!  It also really helps at mattifying shine without those icky wax paper sheets (those don't work on me, btw).  I can honestly see the difference the instant I put it on because my features don't look as harsh and it makes my regular powder foundation look like it's airbrushed and my skin looks flawless.

Now, down to the price (via Sephora):  The full sized Primer is going for $52USD while the Perfector is listed as $55USD.

Would I pay that much for it if I hadn't tried them?  Hell no.

Would I pay that much now after I've tried them already?  I'd say probably not for the Primer - I haven't had enough time to test it out against my regular (cheaper) Younique primer so as of right now, no.  The Perfector I'd consider splurging on because there isn't a product out there (that I know of) that can give me the same effects as it does.  (If you know of a similar product, let me know!)

So what do you think?  Have you tried any YSL beauty products?  Would you splurge on these?  What primer do you use (if any)?


  1. The Perfector sounds like an interesting concept but $55?! Wow. No. Sorry. I'll have to accept my flawed makeup application ;). I buy a mix of drugstore (love my Maybelline mascara + Neutrogena makeup remover) and mid-range beauty products ($40 for skin care, $20 for makeup). I'm currently in love with MAC liquid eyeliner. My sister gave it to me since she likes the one in the pot.

  2. I am always gushing over the YSL products that all the beauty bloggers rave over. They are gorgeous packaging and look great on them, but I am so turned off by the pricing. Both items you got are super high full price, their lip gloss is like $30 something dollars...ahhhh so hard to justify it!!! I really wanted to try their foundation but my closest Sephora doesn't even sell it. (It is one inside a JCPenney.) I appreciate your honesty with this stuff because most people are like I love it spend eleventy billion dollars and you are all...nope I can find cheaper that works but this other one is great and I cant find anything like it. Perhaps the blur thing would be worth a try!

  3. I'd never used any of the YSL face products, I do have an lipstick from their line. I would suggest if you want to try a primer to try the smashbox ones. I have a couple of them from GenBeauty, and I still really love them! :)

    xo Denysia Yu


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