Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tuesday Tips: On Rocksbox

Let me start off my saying this:  just because something seems like a good idea at first, doesn't always mean it's a good idea.  Rocksbox was one of those seemingly good, not-so-great-in-real-life ideas for me.  I'm not hating, I promise.  I'm sure it really is a great idea for people who love buying and wearing designer jewelry.  But, for me, personally, that's not who I am.

Now, I really did like the pieces I received.  And to be able to keep the jewelry as long as I want for $20/month, I thought it was a steal.  However, when I logged in to Rocksbox and saw how much it would be to buy the pieces and keep them forever - holy shitballs!

The packaging is really cute and so were the items I received.  I liked how every piece was in separate baggies with bubble wrap to avoid scratching and bending.

When you first sign up for Rocksbox, you do the style profile thing and then go through a list of items you "favorite" and the Rocksbox stylist takes note of your preferences and sends similar, if not the same, pieces.  The earrings they sent me were one of the items I "favorited" but didn't end up using them because I already ended up getting the same style from The Pi Collection that I love more because it's daintier than the Rocksbox version.  The earrings are listed for $28 (insider's price, $35 otherwise) on Rocksbox.

The necklace was really cute.  I wore it on several occasions.  The big jewels are black and the smaller jewels are like a grey blue.  The quality was nice and sturdy too.  Really nice statement piece.  However, for the list price of $60 (insider's price - $76 otherwise), I'd be able to get 5 different statement necklaces of the same quality at Ross.  Fuck that, bro.  Pass.

I really liked this ring.  It was simple yet chic and not so flashy so I was able to pair it with bracelets and other accessories without looking like those old ladies who seem to be wearing every piece of jewelry they own.  I wore it every day during the week I got it and even pondered the idea of keeping it...until it turned my finger green.  Yup.  And the gold color of the ring then turned to silver.  What. the. actual. fuck.  You would think that if they're trying to pass these off as designer quality jewelry at $30 (insider's price, $38 otherwise) it should be able to keep its color at least!

So, needless to say, my Rocksbox subscription has been cancelled.  I'd much rather save that $20 a month and buy my jewelry at Ross or Forever21 or something.

What do you think?  Are you a Rocksbox subscriber or not?  Either way, I hope this little review has been helpful for you.  I posted it as a "Tuesday Tips" because it's more a post on my advice to not waste your time/money on it like I did, especially if you're a fellow cheap ass and/or you don't wear a lot of jewelry anyway.  My loss is your gain, right?

P.S.  Sorry for the yellowish quality of my photos, it's because of the light in our living room.  Got any photography tips on lighting?


  1. I am so with you and these were my exact thoughts on Rocksbox when I saw all the other bloggers posting about it. Sure it sounds like a fun idea to get new jewelry every month, but who can afford to keep it if you actually fell in love with a piece?!?! I work a full time job, but I can't afford $60 for a fake costume necklace!!! I have much better things to spend my money on!! A few of the pieces I saw on other blogs I have found dupes for on Groupdealz and for $5.99-$9.99. Sure it isn't Kendra or whatever other "designer" but still not real gold places there are out there...but it is a much better price!!!! I will save my $$$ for a designer purse or something instead. That doesn't turn my finger green!

  2. The high price of the items is also why I never signed up for StitchFix. I'd rather just buy the cheap o version at H&M and Loft! As for jewelry, yeaaa, I'd opt for F21 too! I always get compliments on a necklace I got there for like $7!

    As for your lighting, you can try to correct the photos using PicMonkey or Lightroom (my favorite!). Change the white balance.

  3. I really like that ring too! I like things that are simple yet interesting.

  4. I hardly ever wear jewelry, so this would be a hard no for me. Also, if I can't really afford it, I don't want to be tempted by what they send! I do have a question though. How long can you keep the pieces before returning? And did they make you buy the ring after it changed colors?

  5. I've never tried Rocksbox, and I had heard from another blogger a couple of months ago that their necklaces are really pretty. I just don't see myself putting down $20 a month to "borrow" jewelry. By the way for the lighting situation, I would suggest you try to take the pictures during the daytime, and with a window open. That's what I try to do if I want to take good pictures! Hope that helped you out! :)

    xo Denysia Yu

  6. I don't subscribe to any boxes but some of them are so tempting. But I think if I did it I'd end up spending a ton of money!


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