Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Makeup Mondays: 6 things every girl should learn

 Please just ignore the poor quality of this photo and that huge zit on my forehead.

Last week, on September 20th, my oldest daughter turned 12 (holy shit, right?).  She's just one year away from being a full-fledged teenager and I've pretty much been freaking out for the past year already.

Recently, over the past several months, she's picked up more of an interest in makeup/beauty and has been asking me questions about how to do certain things or how to use some of my makeup/beauty products.  Now, while I'm still against her going out in public in full-faced pageant-style makeup, there are a few things I feel that every girl should learn while they're in their pre-teen/teenage years.

Hair Removal.  Shaving, waxing, plucking - all girls should learn the proper way to do these things.  During puberty, hair starts popping up everywhere and it's important for us to teach our daughters how to control the madness without accidentally cutting ourselves or ripping our skin off.

Brow maintenance.  If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have to fill in the sparse areas of my brows from years of over-plucking.  Learning how to properly shape and groom your natural brows will lead to less maintenance in the long-run.  Last month, my daughter asked me to take her to get her eyebrows waxed to which I firmly said:  "Hell no.  You're gonna learn how to do it the hard way like I did in the 90's."  I did however, buy her the ABH Beauty Express Kit to start with.  It comes with stencils she can use to shape her natural brows without over-plucking.  Once she's familiar with it, I'll probably get her the Younique Brow Set to use on a daily basis.  Let's just hope that pencil-thin brows never come back in style.

How to properly use mascara.  It's no surprise here that my daughter has already used the Younique Fiber Lashes+.  It can be a bit dramatic for everyday use at her age, but on picture days or at dances/performances just one coat adds a nice little extra pop to her already bright eyes.

Winged Eyeliner.  When I was a teen I used to love playing around with eyeliner.  I wouldn't rim my eyes with heavy jet-black liner but I did have so much fun using different colors to line my eyes.  Blue, purple, gold, green - it was a great way to add some color to my face without looking too done up.  Learning how to perfect the "winged eyeliner" is a great skill to have because even by itself, it creates a whole new look.  Even now, at almost 30 (seriously, wtf) I still have fun with the different colors of Younique Eyeliners that I have.  Probably not going to use purple eyeliner to fill in my brows again though.

Smoky Eye.  I really could have saved my parents a lot of money if I had just learned how to do a smoky eye when I was a teen.  Every homecoming, winter ball, and prom we would be at the MAC counter spending money for me to get all glammed up.  At the time you could get your makeup done for free - so long as you buy at least $50 in products.  And it was pretty much the same look every time, just in different colors - black smoky eye, brown smoky eye, purple smoky eye, etc.  And while it is fun once in a while to have someone do your makeup for you, it really is much easier and cheaper to buy a good eyeshadow palette and browse Youtube for some tutorials.  I'm currently collecting these Younique Shadow Palettes because they're so convenient and you can create so many different looks with one.

Skincare.  What goes on must come off and having a good skincare routine is extremely important no matter what age.  During my early teenage years I broke out constantly because I ate greasy foods, drank lots of soda and never really had a solid skincare routine.  It wasn't until my late teens that I started using cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc. regularly.  Now that my daughter is heading into her teens, she's also started breaking out with a pimple or two on occasion and since she plays sports all year, it's even more important to clean all the sweat and dirt out of her pores in order to prevent breakouts.

While there are lots more beauty "how-to's" and tips out there, I feel like these are the basic, essential things that I learned back in the day that still apply today and will probably still apply in the future.  I mean, unless shaving your eyebrows off becomes a thing, you really can't go wrong with having these skills under your belt to use when needed.

What do you think?  Do you have all of these skills down?  What would you add to this list?  Are you a victim of over-plucking?  Do you have daughters that you would like to lock up in a tower forever and ever?


  1. i've been teaching kayla at this age about skin care because great skin health starts early!

    also, she has my hair (poor kid) so it won't be long before i have to teach her how to defuzz and not look like chewbacca :(

  2. Great beauty-care tips! (And you're too young to have a 12 yr old, sheesh! I bet you get mistaken for her sister all the time) My mom didn't teach me any of these things. I definitely over plucked. Still don't know how to do my brows or a smoky eye but whatever, I get by :). I will definitely teach my daughter to properly clean her skin. THAT I learned from mom. So important to start once the oils start forming. And sunscreen on the face every single day. Every.

  3. Skin care is the most important thing ever!!! My mom always made sure I had a good skin care routine and it payed off when I was younger because I had beautiful skin and rarely broke out. Not sure what happened to that skin as this year it is the worst it has ever been! But that is neither here no there. I think shaving and all that is important too!

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  5. lol i wish my mum had taught me all of these things. i still don't know how to do my brows, sigh. it's funny, my mum was a beautician before i was born so it's not like she didn't know these things lol

  6. Dude... I'm so humiliated by some of my old pictures of me with eyebrows that were plucked to oblivion!!!! lol

  7. I agree with the skincare routine. If I had known when I was in the 6th grade that cleaning my face with a cleanser that was gentle on my face, that might have helped me overcome acne when I was in middle school and high school.


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