Friday, September 11, 2015

Monthly Mantra: September

Oh, September.

As the temperatures get cooler, most people start getting a little more relaxed and priorities get shifted due to the chaos of the upcoming holiday months.  So while the rest of the world is hibernating and getting cozy with Netflix, keep yourself motivated and focused on your goals.  Don't fall into the same trap by letting things slide.  Keep hustling, get shit done, and kick ass.

Quit making excuses and just get it done - so you won't need to reuse your 2015 resolutions.


  1. Amen Sista! Hope September treats you well! xoxo.

  2. Reusing 2015 resolutions, that's me. Working out is perpetually on it :).

  3. YES!! Screw hibernation...get out and conquer the world!

  4. Surprisingly, I tend to accomplish a lot more in the fall than I do the summer. I think because in the summer it is just so hot that I can't stand to do much haha!

  5. I agree! It's been so hot over in SoCal the last couple of weeks, that I honestly don't wanna do much other than stay indoors, and just bum around! Ugh, I really hate this horrible late summer/early fall heat!


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