Monday, November 16, 2015

Happiness Boutique [Review + Giveaway]

So remember that Rocksbox post I wrote a while back?  Well, since then, I've been on the hunt for cute, AFFORDABLE, quality pieces to spice up my everyday wardrobe.  Lucky for me, I was contacted by Happiness Boutique to review a product of my choice from their website and after the Rocksbox fail, I was already in the market for a brand new statement necklace that I didn't have to return.

Trying to pick just ONE piece to review was tough.  They have over 300 items in the necklace section alone!  It literally took me days to finally narrow it down to a few choices and then another few days to actually commit to one.  After about a week of serious deliberation, I finally chose this one.

If it isn't obvious from the photos, this necklace has quickly become one of my faves and I've worn it on several occasions.  It's so easy to style that I can wear it with shorts and a tank top on the weekend, with a v-neck and flare jeans to work, or with a simple bodycon dress to go out.  The details on this are absolutely stunning and while it looks like a high-end piece, it's actually really light and doesn't make me feel like I'm carrying an anchor around my neck.

The people over at Happiness Boutique are so true to their name that they also offer free shipping!  As in, no minimum purchase required.  As in, you don't have to pay anything other than your items.  As in, AWESOME.  Oh, and did I mention that they also have a reward program?  Yup.  You get points for purchasing, points for reviewing, points for sharing, points for tagging, and points for signing up for their newsletter.  That's a shit ton of points that you can redeem for FREE STUFF.  If you're not happy with free shipping and free stuff, then something must be terribly wrong with you.

Oh, and because I love my necklace so much, I've decided to spread a little happiness and give you a chance to win one of your own!  You know the drill, enter below!


  1. Great giveaway! I like this necklace:

    Debora Ferri

  2. There are so many cute necklaces!!! I have never heard of this company before, but their price point isn't bad at all!!! they have a few geometric triangle necklaces that I love! And a cute little gold arrow necklace...and I really want to get a long tassel necklace. Oh my!

  3. I love the pretty ocean blue statement necklace! It is absolutely dreamy.

  4. Love the "Dainty Little Flower Statement Earrings" and the "Daisy Stud" earrings.

  5. They have gorgeous items. Another one of my favs is their Like A Feather Layered Necklace.

  6. Favorite item on their site is the Gold Cuff Bracelet.

  7. Super cute necklace, tis the time for me to re-stock my accessories so i will be checking out these sites momentarily! Do you use any subscription boxes, like Sparkle Box? I'm debating whether to sign up or not. Lol. Have a great one Duckie! -Iva


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