Thursday, December 10, 2015

12 Days of Guam Giveaways [Day 9]

There are only a few more days of giveaways left, people!  Have you entered all of them so far?

This print is one of my favorite things ever because, PINEAPPLE.  While pineapples are not native to Guam, our climate is perfect for growing them so there are some local farmers who produce them.  Pineapples have always been a favorite of mine (before the whole pineapple trend thing took over) because I spent most of my growing up in the little town of Wahiawa, Hawaii.  The Dole pineapple fields, where my grandfather worked during his teenage years, is right on the outskirts of our town and I could see the fields every day while standing on my front porch.

Whenever I see a pineapple, I think of my grandfather and all the stories he used to tell me about working on the plantation, his old buddies from the Big Island (where he was raised), and how much things have changed since then.  He would sing me songs from the old days and play with me all the time, no matter how weak or tired he was.  He played along while I took his order and made him some pretend Laulau or Chop Suey, rolling it to him on his little cart - the cart my grandmother had to use to clean his colostomy bag everyday.

As I got older and the years went by, he still remained the same.  Always looking for ways to get a smile out of me by singing his songs, telling me about the conversation he had with Josephine (a little bird who lived in the lychee tree in the yard) or sneaking me some candy or a $10 bill behind my grandmother's back.

He passed away in 2004, right before my high school graduation.  He had already been in hospice care by that time and he went peacefully in his sleep, listening to the Perry Como (one of his favorites) CD I had bought him.  Needless to say, I sang "Moon River" at his funeral because it was the last song the both of us had sung together.


  1. I absolutely love the story behind pineapples with you and your grandfather. So sweet! I love pineapples! I just ordered a pineaple bracelet! Hmmmm so many things spark memories for me!!! Every time I see a deck of cards, I think about my grandma. She loved playing cards and was a member of a canasta team. When I see older trucks, it reminds me of my grandpa's old truck and all the fun we used to have riding around. It was loud when he drove it, sounded like there were bats flying around or something. Hard to explain.

  2. So sweet. Beautiful memories. I've always been obsessed with pineapples, too. I didn't realize they were trending, but since my company logo is a pineapple, my family and I love pineapple everything! :)


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